14 January 2021
Searching for battles while in a Squad will no longer be interrupted if a squad mate is customising their champion.
25 December 2020
The starting zone in Siberia is now smaller. Added a window to display the content of a cosmetics items chest. You can now see what items you may get from those you do not currently own. Player Hunt challenge now has an online countdown timer. The Battle Pass purchase window now also shows the outfit you can get in purchasing it.
21 December 2020
Members of your squad are now displayed in the lobby near your champion. Small shopping bag was replaced with a small messenger bag with the same capacity. Time to dig Treasure sites in secret missions is significantly reduced. You will find the exact cost of champion ability in sinner souls near it’s icon in the battle. Increased distance for zombies to detect and attack enemies.
16 December 2020
A bug with 'Record device' and 'Output device' settings reset after the client has been closed, has been fixed. 'Ghost Jetpack' is also now visible on other heroes. The physics of hero movement on some surfaces has been improved. False movement sound for stationary vehicles has been fixed. A bug where a mannequin might be displayed instead of the hero has been fixed. Now the hero's hats will be hidden correctly when a T3 helmet is equipped. The possibility of purchasing 'Flare gun' and 'Random scroll' has been added to the customization menu → Inventory.
11 December 2020
Added Nvidia Reflex Low Latency setting. Fixed a bug with incorrect teleportation after completing the secret mission “Car Delivery”. Food will not be consumed if full health is restored by food already eaten. Exception, in cases where you have Spirit Guardians equipped which give extra bonuses for food consumption.
9 December 2020
Only players killed by zombie assistants of Louis "Bokor" Celine will be counted for statistics and leaderboards now. Louis Celine zombies will now not open windows when not needed. Improved navigation for Louis Celine zombies. Huli’s fireflies now stick to the enemy while they approach him. Added autoequip for rituals, spirits, traps and other items if the player still has empty slots and equippable items or abilities for them before battle. The time to craft a Hex Bag has been halved.
4 December 2020
Squad maximum number increased to 5 players. Zombies from Louis “Bokor” Celine now make less sound when not engaged in battle.
CRSED - Cuisine Royale: Second Edition. Reincarnation
3 December 2020
The new season of our brutal last-man-standing shooter, “Reincarnation”, changes everything! With the full game reboot comes a new name. A competition awaits, full of bloodshed, promising the fulfillment of all of the winners’ desires. Cuisine Royale is over, and now, it’s time for Cuisine Royale Second Edition - CRSED: F.O.A.D.*
22 October 2020
A bug where Erik was able to fly at long ranges in the special ability “Thunder Strike” has been fixed.
18 September 2020
The footstep sounds of your squad members have become quieter in order for you to hear enemy footsteps more clearly. A melee kill will no longer show the ‘Headshot’ notification. A bug has been fixed where teammate hearts might drop through objects if they had been killed inside buildings.
Update (PS4)
7 September 2020
Now you will not see short messages and will not hear voice chat from banned players. Fixed incorrect hand position when switching from Night scope equipped weapon to melee. Itz Ocelotl will not trigger traps when in Spirit Walk mode.
31 August 2020
Fixed the possibility of removing the Dark Zone sound; Fixed incorrect hand position when switching from Night scope equipped weapon to melee...
18 August 2020
A problem with climbing on roofs has been fixed.
14 August 2020
The possibility of shooting without using ammo has been fixed. A gesture animation will now be interrupted by using melee weapons.
5 August 2020
The hero will no longer create a sound of serious injury (like he has been downed) when receiving a contusion from an explosion. The time required for creation of the ice shields has been reduced. The speed of tombstone growth has been decreased. A bug where the use of Ocelotl’s special ability (Spirit Walk) didn’t extinguish a burning hero has been fixed. A bug where zombies reacted to the Ocelotl during his active “Spirit Walk” has been fixed.

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