Meet the new season ‘Rock Solid’ and a new champion Katrina Update
20 April 2021
Welcome to the new season and the ‘Rock Solid’ major update in CRSED: F.O.A.D.!
Time to Swap Champions: Itz and Clyde! Array
22 June 2021
Until the 29h of June, you can choose between 2 heroes: Itz Ocelotl and Clyde “Dozen” Mullican!
CRSED 3rd Anniversary Event! Array
15 June 2021
For 3 years you have diligently offered your bloody sacrifices to the dark gods of CRSED and it looks like you have finally achieved the highest form of their graciousness.
Update Array
10 June 2021
The “Temporal resolution scale” parameter now operates correctly. The issue in the “Siberia” location, where several heroes could respawn at the same respawn point has been fixed. Removed feature of champion crouching or kneeling after jumping or falling from height.
Update Update
31 May 2021
Voice chat in random squads has been turned back on. If a player already has an optical scope in their inventory and they pick up a gun with a mount - the scope will be attached automatically.
CRSED: F.O.A.D. has been released on the Nintendo Switch News
27 May 2021
Warriors, the brutal, realistic, last-man-standing shooter with mystic elements, CRSED: F.O.A.D. is now available on Nintendo Switch! Now you can take your favourite champions anywhere and win battles in the dark Gods arena on the move!
Premium packs 50% off! News
25 May 2021
From May 25th to June 1st (15:00 GMT) you can purchase these packs including heroes, costumes and Golden crowns at a great discount!
Update ( — Xbox, — Playstation) Update
17 May 2021
Sin ‘Huli’ Yo-bi ability working distance has been increased from 75 to 85 metres...
Update Update
5 May 2021
Changes to the “Bastion” ability of Katrina Matadi.
Update Update
29 April 2021
The amount of time it takes to activate Katrina’s “Bastion” ability has been lowered from 1.5 seconds to 1.1 seconds. The ability to shoot shotguns before they are fully reloaded has been reinstated. Fixed incorrect models of arrows stacking in human bodies, and improved arrow ricochet mechanics. The crossbow reload cycle has been increased to 1.5 seconds. Looted flare guns can no longer be fired until the Dark Zone shrinks for the first time. Damage taken from the Dark Zone has been increased (for the last few circles) from 3 hp to 5 hp.
Time to Swap Champions: Itz and Clyde!
27 April 2021
Until the 4th of May, you can choose between 2 heroes: Itz Ocelotl and Clyde “Dozen” Mullican.
Update Update
27 April 2021
After the ability has been activated, Katrina’s HP is temporarily increased by 15 points. The armour value of stones has been increased. Added visual effects when the stone armour is hit. Obstacles can now be climbed while the ability is active.
Rock it!
26 April 2021
The Rock Lady Katrina doesn't like to walk around in her Default outfit for long, so she brought along a lot of cool staff.
Update Update
26 April 2021
Sonar now does not beep whilst laying on the ground or in a fridge. The incorrect functionality regarding enemy and location unmarking has been fixed.
Update ( Update
23 April 2021
Changes to Katrina Matadi’s ‘Bastion’ ability.
CRSED: F.O.A.D.: play without a subscription! News
22 April 2021
From now on, you won’t need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription to play CRSED: F.O.A.D. (including online modes).