Meet the new season “Claws” Array
3 August 2021
Long time familiar game mechanics will be transformed with this update! A new looting and inventory interface, changed Dark Zone mechanics, more user friendly ammo boxes instead of clips and magazines. New weapons, outfits, tombstones with astonishing effects will make this season fun, and all those new things you can test in the “Game of Crowns”  - where everyone is hunting the one.
Gun Game - Shoot as much as you want! Array
1 September 2021
Fighters, a new, special ‘Gun Game’ mode will be added to the game today, with some particularly unique rules!
A new level of CRSED graphics with DirectX 12! Array
26 August 2021
Be the first to enjoy the beauty of CRSED with DX12!
Looting revision and 2 x EXP Array
13 August 2021
Take on some cool changes as well as some killer new features capable of doing impressive damage with a single shot!
Automatic starting zone size change Array
5 August 2021
In the recent major update, we released an additional feature in the battle session control, we didn't disclose the details at the time, but was already gladly noted by the more attentive players. 
New rewards in the major update for CRSED Array
26 July 2021
Friends, our team is making the final preparations for the major update. Unfortunately, we still need a few more days to finalise it, so the release is postponed until the 3rd of August. But today we will gladly tell you about an important new feature in the update that you have long suggested and asked for.
New customization collection Array
22 July 2021
Any good update doesn’t come without a new style for your Champions. Take a seat as we present our seasonal collection of cool items. This time it’s particularly impressive!
We are getting ready for a big update! Array
16 July 2021
We’re counting the days before the next big update! You’ve already heard about the new looting and inventory system, but the CRSED Gods have something else up their sleeves - what it is, shall soon be disclosed...
Battle Pass and other changes Array
25 June 2021
New Battle Pass season, future updates and improvements!
New Spirit Guardians and Customization Items Development
20 April 2021
A New Season and the “Rock Solid” Major update will be live in CRSED: F.O.A.D. tomorrow! What should one wear in the new season?
New Traps and Abilities Development
16 April 2021
The walking dead are not nearly as dangerous as this evil monster. It has no master and only one goal - to take your life.
New weapons and items Development
14 April 2021
The CRSED's champions arsenal continues to grow. That means more kills to come! Take a look at what we have in store for the new season.
New battle challenges! Development
9 February 2021
In the new season of CRSED: F.O.A.D. we have prepared new types of secret challenges for you! Loot nazi gold, win crazy race or kill opponent in one-on-one duel!
New Customization Items Development
5 February 2021
The new Season of CRSED: F.O.A.D. will bring new great wearables and cosmetics for all champions! Outfits, masks, underwear and sprays - brutal can be stylish!
Blind your enemies and help yourself! Development
3 February 2021
We are beginning to discuss what’s new that will come in the next big update.
New Melee Development
1 December 2020
Overall, all melee weapons will now get individual settings for damage, speed of the swing, hit distance and efficiency against armor.