11 March 2020
A bug which could cause Valentine to get stuck in objects while using ‘Flickering Step’ has been fixed. A bug which could allow Valentine to dash from water high into the air and fall to the death, has been fixed. A bug which could cause the flames of a falling orbital fridge to be too bright has been fixed. Voice chat should now work properly. If you continue to face any issues, please report it in our official Discord channel.
5 March 2020
The heart of your teammates will be now picked up to your inventory without taking into account the weight of it (the heart) even if your inventory is full. A bug where using the linked portal trap created no sound of portal activation and exiting from it has been fixed. A bug where there were no sounds when activating zombie and grenade traps (smoke and HE grenades) has been fixed. A bug where in some cases the magazine disappeared when unloading weapons has been fixed.
3 March 2020
Fixed bug making Valentine jump after each flickering step if wearing Bouncing slippers Fixed bug where after suicide of a knocked down or wounded by an enemy player who damaged them, they didn’t recieve the kill and souls. Fixed wrong numbers appearance of Champion unlock in premium reward tree. Fixed bug making players to some time go into knocked down state instead of dying in solo mode.
28 February 2020
You can now use the Tab button to “tab” through the contacts menu. Fixed a bug where rating changes were not shown in debriefing after DUO battle.
Update XBOX - ‘Black Sun’
28 February 2020
We are pleased to present the major update “Black Sun” for XBOX ONE! So, meet Valentine ‘Viper’ Chase.
28 February 2020
A bug which would result in players falling into and getting stuck in trees has been fixed. A bug which would make it difficult to swim through windows has been fixed. Bolt-action rifles will now show a hint while aiming through the scope, advising that you can hold down the shoot button to prevent the bolt-action cycle. The incorrect rate of fire of the Mauser C26 Mod 712 has been fixed.
Update PS4 -
27 February 2020
Distorted sound on some rifles when firing has been fixed. A bug that caused added friends being displayed in game only after restarting has been fixed.
Cuisine Royale major update ‘Black Sun’
26 February 2020
We are pleased to present the major update “Black Sun” for Cuisine Royale. You already know about new rituals and weapons, tasks and rating model. And here is the top story - new Champion will join the fight in our brutal survival games. So, meet Valentine ‘Viper’ Chase.
Update PS4 -, XBOX -
26 February 2020
Practice range is now in game to train your weapons and abilities, a lot of new animations, more optimization, useful features and hints.
21 February 2020
Fixed a bug where Practice mode was unavailable. Fixed bug causing weapon and sights to disappear on screenshots taken in first person view. Increased buff in HP for Eric during flight in Thunderstrike ability. Lowered decrease in spread and recoil while shooting in Bullet Time for Annie. Somewhat lowered distance of target highlighting in Bullet Time for Annie. Increased cost in sinner souls with Bullet Time ability for Annie to 100 souls. Lowered cost in sinner souls with Beast ability for Clyde to 80 souls. Lowered cost in sinner souls with Spirit Walk ability for Ocelotl to 70 souls. Fixed bazooka launcher reload and run animation. Fixed bug with receiving damage during jumps after player has been revived (squad and duo modes). Fixed bug with levitating grenades in practice mode. Fix for rare case of client crash. Fix for controller navigation with combobox.
PS4 and XBOX Update (
10 February 2020
A bug where the player’s sight might twitch that occured when the option “Aim assist” was switched on, has been fixed.
21 January 2020
In the lobby you can now see not only items from the workshop ready to be unlocked, but also items for which conditions are met but some consumables are still lacking. Fixed a bug causing the challenge progress message not to be visible in battle. Fixed bug preventing workshop pop-up window to be closed when going to the shop. A number of bug fixes in the non-battle UI.
Update (PS4 update has the number
20 January 2020
Car damage to teammates was significantly reduced. Fixed bug when hearts of teammates disappeared in the Dark zone. Added support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages in Steam client.
DUO mode for consoles
17 January 2020
After numerous requests from PS4 and Xbox players, “Duo” game mode has been added (you must restart the game to see it).
Update (PS4 update has the number
14 January 2020
A bug causing players to sink into ground textures has been fixed. A bug causing prone characters to shake has been fixed. The Boombox playlist has been updated. Now all soundtracks are copyright safe. While "Stream friendly" mode is active, it replaces audible boombox radio-streams and main menu music with copyright safe soundtracks.

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