Update Update
1 September 2021
Fixed armor for Luftvärnsterrängdragbil M40, not allowing to hit those inside.
Update Update
27 August 2021
Recoil has been reduced for all pistols. Damage for 7.92x57 mm and 7.62x54 mm semi-auto rifles has been lowered from 15 to 12 (this will affect FG 42, Gewehr 43, AVS 36, SVT 40).
Update Update
24 August 2021
Grenade can no longer be thrown while Ocelot's ability is active. Fixed unsynchronized display of Jetpack fuel in Spectator mode. Fixed the ability to rotate the camera 360° for passengers in the boat in first-person view. Fixed lack of collision with the character on the floating boat.
Update Update
19 August 2021
A bug that caused the camera to shift when switching to first person view, which interfered with aiming has been fixed.
Update Update
17 August 2021
A bug that caused large bushes to fall to the ground after interacting with a character has been fixed
Update Update
13 August 2021
From 18.00 GMT on the 13th of August until 08.00 GMT on the 16th of August in all game modes, x2 experience has been enabled.
Update Update
12 August 2021
Looting has been improved. Text appearing over items will now be visible by default with the option to remove it. The size of the text itself has been decreased.
Update (XBOX — Update
11 August 2021
The number of weapons in missions has been increased. The observer in spectator mode can place markers using the map. Added a message about a victory for the crown holder.
Update Update
9 August 2021
The regular crosshair has been switched back on for stationary machine guns. The chances of finding all variants of small arms has been increased and the chance to find pistols has been decreased.
Update Update
6 August 2021
The amount of damage received by the Crown bearer while in the Dark Zone during the ‘Game of Crowns’ mode has been increased. A bug which caused weapons not to unlock in Practice mode, if found in battle, has been fixed (you will need to find locked weapons again).
Update Update
5 August 2021
A bug that allowed the changing of an already completed task has been fixed.
Update Update
4 August 2021
Fixed the missing item ‘rarity’ mark. A bug which caused several players to respawn in one place has been fixed. A bug causing an insufficient amount of loot in some sessions has been fixed. Priority when picking up weapons has been improved. Now, nearby ammo will not interfere with the process of picking up. Mosin M91 "Infantry" has been returned to the game. An additional setting that indicates labels above loot in the “Game” tab has been added. Now, food in loot will be marked green.
Meet the new season “Claws” Update
3 August 2021
Long time familiar game mechanics will be transformed with this update! A new looting and inventory interface, changed Dark Zone mechanics, more user friendly ammo boxes instead of clips and magazines. New weapons, outfits, tombstones with astonishing effects will make this season fun, and all those new things you can test in the “Game of Crowns”  - where everyone is hunting the one.
Update Update
30 June 2021
The hearts of dead squad members won’t disappear if the last living teammate has used a defibrillator. Items on the borders of the play zone will no longer disappear at the start of a game session.
Server Update 29.06.21 Update
29 June 2021
Reapers now disappear if they can not find a target like a player or a zombie for more than 60 seconds. Fixed wrong player spawning in the Siberia map.

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