Update Update
12 October 2022
Fixed a bug that caused challenges in the Siberia map to be located off-zone. Fixed a bug that caused session search in the group to stop if a Champion changed equipment. Fixed a bug that made it impossible to drop weapons from the inventory when playing using a gamepad.
Update Update
7 October 2022
Some fixes of the ability and damage.
Meet the new season and major update — “Dieselpunk”! Update
6 October 2022
Give a man some bread, and he'll be full for a day, give a man a wrench and he'll be breaking heads till the end.
Update Update
5 October 2022
Fixed a bug that caused players to not take damage as a mannequin.
Update Update
30 May 2022
Interface and animation fixes.
Battle Pass extension Update
19 May 2022
The Battle Pass rewards have been changed.
Update Update
7 April 2022
Interface bug fixes.
Update Update
28 March 2022
Task "Snatch some loot from the undead guards" is again available.
Update Update
21 March 2022
Eva Woods' fix.
Chests for Eternal Grace Update
16 March 2022
Meet the new system of purchasing cosmetic chests!
Update Update
14 March 2022
Interface improvments.
Update Update
10 March 2022
There are no more unreachable allied hearts.
Update Update
9 March 2022
Fixes in Siberia and more.
Update Update
3 March 2022
Additional Lobby changes and more.

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