Meet the Ice Age Season Update
11 February 2021
We have already revealed some of the new items of the upcoming season, including new challenges, new items and ways to customize your champion, but that definitely isn’t all! In the new season, you’ll learn to be afraid of the cold, meet new Spirit Guardians, be able to shoot more effectively, and reveal new benefits of the Battle Pass!
Update (PS4 update has the number Update
14 January 2020
A bug causing players to sink into ground textures has been fixed. A bug causing prone characters to shake has been fixed. The Boombox playlist has been updated. Now all soundtracks are copyright safe. While "Stream friendly" mode is active, it replaces audible boombox radio-streams and main menu music with copyright safe soundtracks.
Update Update
10 January 2020
A bug causing sight shake has been fixed.
Update Update
6 January 2020
A bug where the game character got stuck in bushes and moved through them jerkily has been fixed.
Stream-to-win: Get additional sinner souls in the battle! (PS4) Update
27 December 2019
Play Cuisine Royale with the stream feature enabled and get additional 10 sinner souls per minute of stream!
Update Update
26 December 2019
Fixed voice chat for squads and duos. Added voice chat function for squads and duos started in “Squad is hiring” mode.
Update Update
25 December 2019
A bug causing grenade trajectory and animation to be hidden after being revived has been fixed. • Soul costs for mystic traps has been reduced. • An issue with Eric's thunderstrike ability where after landing looking around was limited has been fixed. • A list of items available to craft from the workshop is now shown on main lobby screen. • SCAR-L-STD and M4A1 have been swapped in looting scheme. Now the M4A1 is found in regular loot, and SCAR-L-STD is found in Orbital and Tactical fridges.
Update Update
20 December 2019
Added “Streamer boombox mode” which can be switched on in the “sound” settings. It replaces music from any boombox in the battle with “Techno dinner” and changes also music in the lobby. This will allow streamers to avoid monetization issues and copyright claims.
Update Update
18 December 2019
Changes in Eric’s ability ‘Thunderstrike’: Heart of a teammate drops separately from other loot for more convenient looting in a rush. Fixed some game crashes when the squad is being set to ready state for battle.
Release update of Cuisine Royale for Xbox and PS4 Update
18 December 2019
Friends, brutal realistic last-man-standing shooter with mystic elements Cuisine Royale is now available on Xbox and PS4 consoles!
Update Update
18 December 2019
Interface, controls, other improvements and changes.
Update Update
13 December 2019
Loading screens when loading into a battle have been added, replacing the previous ‘sky’ animation. A yellow marker, which marks when an enemy has been downed/is bleeding out, has been added. The amount of time that the ‘heart’ icon showing the location of downed squadmates is visible has been changed from 20 to 120 seconds. Shadows have been improved.
Cuisine Royale Release: Path to Valhalla Update
12 December 2019
Today our brutal and mystical last-man-standing shooter is finally released, ending the beta stage! We’ve already told you about the new items arriving, the new version of the Normandy map, the arrival of tactical medicine and the new resurrection system coming with the release, but there’s more!
Update Update
6 December 2019
We continue to prepare for the next major update for Cuisine Royale. Before being able to enjoy new content we will release a patch containing a lot of bug fixes and improvements.
Update Update
25 November 2019
A bug has been fixed where squad members could spawn at extended distances from each other.
Update Update
18 November 2019
The chances of starting the game in dusk or dawn twilight has been decreased. Improved character control with bad connection. Added warning if connection is being disrupted.