Meet the Ice Age Season Update
11 February 2021
We have already revealed some of the new items of the upcoming season, including new challenges, new items and ways to customize your champion, but that definitely isn’t all! In the new season, you’ll learn to be afraid of the cold, meet new Spirit Guardians, be able to shoot more effectively, and reveal new benefits of the Battle Pass!
Update Update
27 May 2020
If your teammate is killed on the stairs in the house, his heart will not drop below the kill spot. Jetpack visual effects will now turn off after you sit in the vehicle. A vulnerability that allows firing without ammunition consumption has been fixed. The bug, that caused Clyde to inflict no melee damage while using his ability, has been fixed.
Server update 21.05.2020 Update
21 May 2020
Fixed bug that allowed shooting without ammo depletion. Changed bonus of underwear and talismans giving souls for rituals in game. Now souls are credited only after the ritual is over and not credited if it was erased.
Update Update
20 May 2020
Fixed unsynced soul counter whilst spectating. Fixed a bug, causing occasional micro freezes.
Update (PS4 - Update
20 May 2020
Fixed a bug where an incorrect and randomly changing soul count was displayed in the inventory during battle. Now you will be correctly moved to the current unlocked position when opening the Rewards window. Some disabled boombox radio broadcasts have been fixed.
Update Update
14 May 2020
Tuned inertia whilst moving a Champion for better player convenience.
Update Update
13 May 2020
A bug which would allow the equipping of two identical perks at the same time has been fixed. The helmet will no longer obstruct the player’s view while leaning with weapons which have a 3.5x night scope attached. The burning fire visual effect now disappears after Champions extinguish it. Dark Zone borders no longer render invisible in specific view angles.
Updates Update
8 May 2020
Armored ground vehicle players will not now receive excessive damage and injuries from friendly fire. You can now use hotkeys in the menu “Challenges rewards”. Fixed vulnerability of Ocelotl to fire when in Spirit walk. Fixed overlighting of street light glass while Sun eclipse is active.
“Heaven's Wrath” arrives in Cuisine Royale Update
6 May 2020
Cuisine Royale is pleased to present you with a new major which has rightly been named “Heaven's Wrath, and we are excited to now reveal to you the cool features and novelties that have been added to the game!
Update Update
30 April 2020
Dark adaptation has been improved. A bug that reset control settings has been fixed. Fixed button for purchasing new Champions.
Update Update
27 April 2020
It is now not possible to enter a vehicle with a primed grenade - of course it isn’t safe. The display of unnecessary hints when firing from a stationary machine gun has been fixed. A bug where the vibration settings of a controller were not saved in the main menu has been fixed. A bug that prevented preview of items from the workshop being shown has been fixed.
Update Update
10 April 2020
Mauser C96 Mod. 712 and AK 103 have been added to Practice mode. Teammate’ HP display improved in squad mode.
Updates Update
9 April 2020
New damage model and various improvements.
Update PS4 - Update
24 March 2020
Fixed possibility to swim into roots of a big tree in Mexico.
Update Update
24 March 2020
Aim parallax is reduced, so it's easier to aim and shoot now and more consistent with familiar aim mechanics.
Update (XBOX - Update
20 March 2020
Improved design of the first time Champion selection window. Improved design of the Story Book window. Added a seasonal poster. Enemy mark for teammates (set through sight view) now blinks for better visibility. Fixes