Meet the new season “Claws” Array
3 August 2021
Long time familiar game mechanics will be transformed with this update! A new looting and inventory interface, changed Dark Zone mechanics, more user friendly ammo boxes instead of clips and magazines. New weapons, outfits, tombstones with astonishing effects will make this season fun, and all those new things you can test in the “Game of Crowns”  - where everyone is hunting the one.
Update Update
31 March 2021
The visual jetpack flame effect will no longer detach from the drive cone. After your jetpack runs out of fuel, it will have enough emergency fuel to safely land only once, and will be unable to soften landings thereafter (unless refueled).
Update Update
30 March 2021
In the Airborne mode, the possibility of appearing mid-air with a jetpack after being revived on the bonfire has been fixed. A bug where the T2 Mannequin Trap would spawn a mannequin without armor has been fixed.
Update Update
23 March 2021
Changed a champion’s movement speed while strafing or in crouch. Now it corresponds more with the animations and movement itself should feel more responsive inside buildings. Leaning to the side drops the speed to the speed of  movement while aiming. Leaning speed is somewhat lowered to make it more realistic. Removed additional leaning in a champion from accelerations while walking or running. These will still remain in sprint or while flying a jetpack. Removed additional leaning while in first person mode.
Update Update
12 March 2021
A bug that might cause the time in the challenge “Spend X minutes in the Battle” and therefore the received experience points for spending time in the battle not to be counted correctly, has been fixed.
Update Update
11 March 2021
Fixed freezes during teleportation when ‘mounting’ a weapon. Fixed reloading animation while in a vehicle.
Update Update
3 March 2021
Fixed a bug allowing player to set up traps and start rituals at the moment of dying. The game mode description is now more readable. The Defibrillator is now automatically used at the end of a downed state timer.
Update Update
24 February 2021
Fixed game lagging at the beginning of a battle.
Update Update
19 February 2021
Fixed bugs in the Champion selection window for new players. Fixed bug allowing players to see outline of other player’s hinted item in Solo mode.
Meet the Ice Age Season Update
11 February 2021
We have already revealed some of the new items of the upcoming season, including new challenges, new items and ways to customize your champion, but that definitely isn’t all! In the new season, you’ll learn to be afraid of the cold, meet new Spirit Guardians, be able to shoot more effectively, and reveal new benefits of the Battle Pass!
Update Update
29 January 2021
Added flamethrower backpacks with fuel, visible upon equipping a flamethrower.
Update Update
19 January 2021
The number of spare parts required to fix a broken vehicle is now dependent on the size of the region. If you have assembled the second repair kit, you can fix an additional broken vehicle on the map. In spectator mode you can now mark enemies and targets. The RD-44 machine gun has been removed from regular loot and added into the orbital fridge. Removed the possibility of getting a vehicle from the orbital fridge. Increased chance to find the DP-27 machine gun in regular loot. Removed the ability to target with melee weapons whilst in vehicles. Linked Portal teleporting is no longer instant - it now takes 1 second.
Update Update
14 January 2021
Searching for battles while in a Squad will no longer be interrupted if a squad mate is customising their champion.
Update Update
25 December 2020
The starting zone in Siberia is now smaller. Added a window to display the content of a cosmetics items chest. You can now see what items you may get from those you do not currently own. Player Hunt challenge now has an online countdown timer. The Battle Pass purchase window now also shows the outfit you can get in purchasing it.
Update Update
21 December 2020
Members of your squad are now displayed in the lobby near your champion. Small shopping bag was replaced with a small messenger bag with the same capacity. Time to dig Treasure sites in secret missions is significantly reduced. You will find the exact cost of champion ability in sinner souls near it’s icon in the battle. Increased distance for zombies to detect and attack enemies.
Update Update
16 December 2020
A bug with 'Record device' and 'Output device' settings reset after the client has been closed, has been fixed. 'Ghost Jetpack' is also now visible on other heroes. The physics of hero movement on some surfaces has been improved. False movement sound for stationary vehicles has been fixed. A bug where a mannequin might be displayed instead of the hero has been fixed. Now the hero's hats will be hidden correctly when a T3 helmet is equipped. The possibility of purchasing 'Flare gun' and 'Random scroll' has been added to the customization menu → Inventory.