Meet the new season and major update — “Glitch”!

28 February 2022

In the new season you can look anew at the leveling of your champions, the look of your weapons, the first minutes of the game... In general, there will be a lot to look at!

Eva Woods and her ability ‘Mind Games’

A new Champion arrives in the game, the multi-faced Eva Woods. The daughter of a fortune teller, who had mastered the art of pretense and deception since childhood. A successful swindler posing as a rich orphan, a lost child or whoever, easily radically changing her appearance and manners.

Obviously, Eva once again had to adapt to the constantly changing environment and use her ability to acquire any shape in the merciless games of F.O.A.D.

CRSED: F.O.A.D. — ‘Dark Horse’ Pack

RSED: F.O.A.D. — набор «Тёмная лошадка»
  • “Eva Woods” hero unlock;
  • Urban Shadow outfit;
  • Zombie Eliminator MP40 skin;
  • 700 Crowns.


Main changes

  • Added a new Champion, Eva Woods.
  • Added lobby with a mini-map for choosing your own spawn point at the beginning of a game.
  • All champions now have a new leveling system. Bonuses in their progression are now shown in the game inventory.
  • The first use of the champion's ability in a game is free and available immediately when the champion appears in the world.
  • Added skins for weapons as follows:
    • FG 42
    • MP 40
    • AKM
    • Barrett m82a1
    • Nickel Plated Colt M1911A1
    • PTRS 41
    • Kar98k


  • The large game map is now automatically centred and scaled as the area shrinks.
  • Added animation of Bokor's zombies rising from the ground.
  • Fixed the Battle Pass menu display on ultra wide monitors.


Updated sound effects for weapons: Mosin M91 "Infantry", Mosin M91/30 sniper rifle, PPD-34/38, SVT-40, PTRS 41, DP-27, PPS-42, AVS 36, MP 40, MG 42.

Other changes

  • Bokor's zombie bodies now remain inert instead of disappearing when teleported, and in the new location zombies crawl out from under the ground.
  • Added a new village location in Team Brawl mode.
  • Nagant and mortars removed from the game.
  • Vending machines will now distribute items in front of them.
  • All tombstones are now invulnerable for the first 2 seconds. Clyde will no longer blow himself up on an exploding barrel by waving his arms around without looking.
  • Tombstone Barrel now burns gradually and only explodes when the fire reaches full strength.
  • Smoke grenades can now be kicked away in the same way as other grenades.
  • Bram van Helsing can now whilst in the bat’s shape:
    • fly into windows, starting at medium size;
    • get out of the water, not just swim;
    • look around while flying.
  • Changes in the Bokor's zombies' behaviour, now they:
    • no longer push Bokor;
    • gather around him indoors;
    • no longer flicker underfoot when Bokor is looking around.
  • Changed Warrior Spirit mechanics: now all souls in a kill are credited at the time of the kill, instead of being divided in proportion to the tombstone.
  • Changed the visual presentation of level loading before the display of screenshots and hints: instead of clouds now the red northern lights.
  • Improved "Practice" mode, on the map have been added:
    • all kinds of fridges;
    • slot machine along with money for it;
    • vending machines;
    • bags;
    • artifacts;
    • a jetpack (hidden on the nearest tower);
    • several secret places for the most curious (military equipment park, fuel depot, campfire on the mountain, ambush fighter).


  • The sight is no longer displayed if the hero is in a vehicle with the selected melee weapon.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow throwing away sights installed on the weapon (the removed sight was added to the inventory).
  • Fixed a rare bug with tombstones vulnerable only to shots at their base.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a player to be underwater without expending any oxygen supply.
  • Fixed breaking crossbow bolts through windows without detonating.
  • Fixed the possibility of crashing to death into the bottom of any body of water at high speed when using the Water Creature spirit and the Flood Ritual.
  • Fixed cigar action lag when getting out of Bram van Helsing's ability.
  • Camera in observer mode no longer freezes when switching.
  • Reduced the chance of camera switching issues in Observer mode, where the camera would drop below ground level or fly through terrain.
  • Tomb traps now give experience when you destroy them, not when you set them.
  • Tomb traps now trigger when destroyed by a vehicle.
  • Bram van Helsing's minion no longer appears when incarnated into bats.
  • Targets detected by Sin's ability are now displayed on the map.
  • Improved boat behaviour during the Moon Gravity Ritual.
  • Invisible Ocelot no longer takes drowning damage when underwater.
  • Increased during the Flood Ritual water level no longer interferes with takeoff on the jetpack.
  • Hearts now have higher pickup priority than other loot.
  • Distance is now indicated below the marks.
  • Marker is now displayed when a hex bag hits the target.
  • Recovery of health in the vending machine is now instant.
  • Different types of weapons now have their own on-screen sight.
  • Removed the shaking when hitting a player with the second and subsequent bullets in the burst.
  • Removed the narrowing of zones on the map when taking off upwards on the jetpack.

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