Chest for underwear

25 February 2022

We continue to reveal details of CRSED's upcoming major update.

"Strength" means "skills"

With the release of the major update, hero level progression will literally be an upgrade.

Each level you reach will increase the characteristics and skills of your characters by a certain percentage. As an example, say, Bram will be able to move faster while aiming, and Erik will get more bonuses from armor.

Leveling of a selected champion will no longer be for general items, rather it will be necessary specifically for their strengthening. Make your fighter the toughest and most powerful in a squad with each level!

Let's change!

Soon you'll be able to dress up after a good fight, because earned Eternal grace will become currency for buying chests. But to prevent Eternal grace from bringing you, for example, eternal pizza boxer shorts, we'll introduce a system of exchanging the same items for chests.

Now Annie will definitely get that mask over there...

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