The first Beast is on us

23 February 2022

In the upcoming major update for CRSED, we're going to change some familiar mechanics so that your enemies have to work hard to get away from you.

Spot, jump, and kill

If only you could always jump out into certain areas of the map, as if you were Airborne... In the next major update the first minutes before battle every Champion will be put into a special lobby, where you can choose the location from where you join a battle.

Now there is no more randomness, you decide where you appear. You are the master of your own destiny!

But remember that the speed in this case is not always to your advantage. In the lobby you will see the markers of your allies and your opponents that have already started the battle.

This is not the only change at the beginning of the game. Keep your eyes and ears open, because the first use of a special ability for all Champions will be free. So a tricky Clyde can quietly track down their victim in the lobby, jump in after them in battle and before the poor sap has a chance to recover, they will turn into the Beast, and bye-bye, bye-bye!

Recognize their gun from a thousand



In the new season you can not only be more tricky, but also more colorful. A new category of items will be added to the game - skins for weapons. You will be able to get them in the customization chests and in-game item store.

The weapon skin applies to all similar models. If you go into battle with a decorated weapon and somehow lose it, the skin will remain on it until the end of the battle, even if the weapon is picked up by another player. And if you pick up another weapon of the same type but it is undecorated, it will automatically be redecorated by your skin.


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