Meet the new season and major update — “Fangs”! Update
1 December 2021
As you already know, the new season brings many new opportunities to outsmart, trap, and destroy your opponents, but that's not all!
11 December 2020
Added Nvidia Reflex Low Latency setting. Fixed a bug with incorrect teleportation after completing the secret mission “Car Delivery”. Food will not be consumed if full health is restored by food already eaten. Exception, in cases where you have Spirit Guardians equipped which give extra bonuses for food consumption.
Las Vegas
10 December 2020
Today, the special event “Rocket Surgery” is going to be replaced with a new one, where the fulfilment of all desires will come true, literally.
9 December 2020
Only players killed by zombie assistants of Louis "Bokor" Celine will be counted for statistics and leaderboards now. Louis Celine zombies will now not open windows when not needed. Improved navigation for Louis Celine zombies. Huli’s fireflies now stick to the enemy while they approach him. Added autoequip for rituals, spirits, traps and other items if the player still has empty slots and equippable items or abilities for them before battle. The time to craft a Hex Bag has been halved.
New combat mod Rocket Duet
4 December 2020
Only grenade launchers, mortars, grenades and other items to make bada-boom are in the loot! To increase mobility we have also added a lot of jetpacks around the map. Explosive mid-short range combat and lots of fun when occasionally blowing yourself up is guaranteed...
4 December 2020
Squad maximum number increased to 5 players. Zombies from Louis “Bokor” Celine now make less sound when not engaged in battle.
CRSED - Cuisine Royale: Second Edition. Reincarnation
3 December 2020
The new season of our brutal last-man-standing shooter, “Reincarnation”, changes everything! With the full game reboot comes a new name. A competition awaits, full of bloodshed, promising the fulfillment of all of the winners’ desires. Cuisine Royale is over, and now, it’s time for Cuisine Royale Second Edition - CRSED: F.O.A.D.*
New Melee
1 December 2020
Overall, all melee weapons will now get individual settings for damage, speed of the swing, hit distance and efficiency against armor.
Speed up your shooting
25 November 2020
In the new season of Cuisine Royale, transport becomes more useful and far more dangerous. Especially if you fight in squads. Now passengers in vehicles and boats will be able to shoot almost any kind of weapon whilst on the move!
23 November 2020
A bug where an incorrect ammunition consumption while shooting was present sometimes has been fixed.
Unlocking Heroes, Items and Abilities. Special Challenges
16 November 2020
With the upcoming global Update, we are changing the system of unlocking new rituals, traps, signs, hex bag recipes and customisation items. We have also fully reworked the way you gain access to Heroes for temporary and permanent usage.
New Champion Powers
13 November 2020
The upcoming major update will bring completely new abilities and items that will make battles even more intense.
Shoot his pumpkin off
29 October 2020
Twilight comes to Cuisine Royale - so it’s time to smash pumpkins! From October 29th until November 5th take part in especially gloomy fights and get a unique hat for your collection!
29 October 2020
A vulnerability that allows firing without ammunition consumption has been fixed.
New combat modes in Cuisine Royale events
23 October 2020
The new type of events will be regularly launched in Cuisine Royale and during those events all rules and conditions for battles might change. Available loot, Dark Zone size and behavior, number of players, and other rules and mechanics - all can vary.
22 October 2020
A bug where Erik was able to fly at long ranges in the special ability “Thunder Strike” has been fixed.