The names of the greats

28 September 2022

Work on the next update is in full swing and we're sharing with you some cool changes to the leaderboard and the Battle Pass rewards lineup.

Who can be immortalized?

Recently we told you about the appearance of seasons, achievements, and new rewards in the leaderboard. Now you'll read about the Hall of Fame and medals.

After the release of the update, there will be medals for achievements in the leaderboard and for reaching the leagues. The best part is that these medals will not only please your sense of self-importance, but also cause a stir for your enemies. All because they will be displayed to the victim on their debriefing screen.

The most trained and experienced players can compete for a special place under the sun — a place in the "Hall of Fame", separate for each mode. This is a special section of the leaderboard, where players who have earned at least one league medal in the "Top 10 Diamond" are placed. In addition, there is a separate achievement in the "Hall of Fame" — the number of consecutive Diamond League hits are also displayed in the debriefing and in your game menu.

New Battle Pass

With the new game season we plan to completely update the Battle Pass. New and interesting rewards will be waiting for you.

Don't worry about your already purchased Battle Pass, it and your rewards will not disappear. Its stages will just start from scratch, but don't be frightened. You will receive new gift items as a thank you for purchasing the Battle Pass.

Stay tuned and you'll soon find out who was standing on the shore...

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