We are getting ready for a big update!

16 July 2021

We’re counting the days before the next big update! You’ve already heard about the new looting and inventory system, but the CRSED Gods have something else up their sleeves - what it is, shall soon be disclosed...

Battle Pass extended!

The battle pass will be extended to the day on which the update is planned: the 27th of July. Be sure to use this extra time well and unlock all the rewards while you can!

New game mode “Crown”

With the release of the next update, we will introduce a new game mode in which players will need to find a shining crown and wear it for a period of 3 minutes. During this time, you must defend against others trying to steal it, and your right to be king.  

Crown bearers will be unable to use rituals and abilities, nor transport, but they will be able to resurrect once, if killed, while wearing the crown.

The champion who manages to wear the crown for 3 minutes will leave the fight as a winner, following which the crown will respawn. 

Naturally, winners will receive cool rewards which we will disclose in the future, so be sure to follow the news!

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