New Inventory and boxed ammo

12 July 2021

In this headline, we mean a massive and very useful revamp of the looting system we are preparing for the upcoming major update in CRSED. It will allow you to spend less time and effort on looting and focus on winning.

New Inventory

It begins with your inventory where you will find new divided spaces for different items.

Ammo, weapons, grenades, equipment are now grouped into fixed tabs, making it easier to find them quickly in battle if you need to check your inventory.

Also, when opening the inventory, you will still be able to control your surroundings, as the interface will not blur the world around you. Your enemy will not be able to approach undetected!

Boxed ammo

Clips and magazines in the loot will be replaced by ammo boxes - and it really changes the game!

No half-empty magazines anymore! If you reload - you reload it until it’s full. Provided you have enough ammo, of course.

Ammo boxes of the type you can use - will be highlighted. 

Naturally, all powerful weapons like anti materiel rifles, Barett, rocket launchers, mortars and crossbows will require their own special ammo.

We are replacing poor weapons

We want you to have an easier time deciding which weapon to take, even from afar, so we are changing the weapon set you can find in battle.

Some weapons that are too similar to each other will be replaced with new ones to make variety interesting. 

We’ll disclose other upcoming changes in the nearest devblog.

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