6 December 2021
Fixed a bug that caused a message to be displayed to spectators about the ability to respawn after the death of the last player in the squad. Fixed fireflies disappearing when using the Swarm of Light ability. Fixed text and voice chats in sessions.
Press the button and grab the loot! Announcement
3 December 2021
Just as the major "Fangs" update releases and the new season launches, we're preparing some new content for you.
Twitch Drops rewards this weekend! Announcement
3 December 2021
Meet Bram van Helsing! A Dutch nobleman, occultist and hematophagous has arrived! In honor of this event, we have prepared gifts for Twitch viewers.
Crossplay for PlayStation and Xbox Announcement
2 December 2021
You asked, we did: a cross-platform game between PlayStation and Xbox!
Update Update
2 December 2021
Fixed a bug where some gravestones were difficult to destroy with melee weapons or shotguns.
Meet the new season and major update — “Fangs”! Update
1 December 2021
As you already know, the new season brings many new opportunities to outsmart, trap, and destroy your opponents, but that's not all!
Only the most thoughtful will escape Development
26 November 2021
In the upcoming major CRSED update, we've got even more tricky features that will help you lure your enemies straight to the other side.
Updated Spectator Mode Development
18 November 2021
Defeated heroes will be able to remain in the battle and spend time learning the actions of more experienced players before the end of the match.
Update Update
12 November 2021
Fixed damage from grenades. The drip now heals until the end during the ritual of elephant skin. Fixed the wrong camera position when aiming from a boat. When hitting Reapers, marks are now displayed correctly.
Play another Team brawl Event
9 November 2021
Join a dynamic 15vs15 battle on a compact map in the new game mode “Team brawl”.
The Day of the Dead with Zombie Rush Event
1 November 2021
In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is in full swing and zombies have united in a new, final wave in Zombie Rush!
“Back to School” pack sale! 70% OFF! Sale
29 October 2021
Only until the 1st of November (15:00 UTC) “Back to School” pack with 70% off! The pack can be purchased in the ingame Store.
Update Update
29 October 2021
The fuel bar of the jetpack will now be hidden during the “Ghost Jetpack” ritual. Camera behavior when trying to change your position in a vehicle, while also attempting to exit the vehicle at the same time, has been fixed. Armoured vehicles will now explode, rather than burn for eternity.
Shoot them in the head! Event
26 October 2021
This is Halloween, which means brains are in high demand! Sharpen your machete and get into battle with the jackass zombies.
Update ( - Xbox, - Playstation) Update
25 October 2021
Increased the amount of loot in some missions. Improved the scattering of loot when Heroes die. Now meteor shower areas during the ritual can move. Added camera shake when smashing windows with your body. Added the ability to switch the camera position in third-person view to the left and right in relation to the character. In control settings, you can assign a separate key to switch the camera position.

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