Update Update
3 March 2022
Additional Lobby changes and more.
Update ( - Xbox, PlayStation®) Update
2 March 2022
Sight improvement and Eva fix.
Update Update
1 March 2022
Lobby changes and more.
Meet the new season and major update — “Glitch”! Update
28 February 2022
In the new season you can look anew at the leveling of your champions, the look of your weapons, the first minutes of the game... In general, there will be a lot to look at!
Chest for underwear Development
25 February 2022
We continue to reveal details of CRSED's upcoming major update.
The first Beast is on us Development
23 February 2022
In the upcoming major update for CRSED, we're going to change some familiar mechanics so that your enemies have to work hard to get away from you.
More chests for the chest collector! Event
10 February 2022
Hey friends, we're getting ready to release a major update, and in the meantime, so you don't get bored, we've created a challenge for the more active players!
Update Update
9 February 2022
Fixed falling under a bunker after leaving a stationary machine gun. The Cigar increases the maximum number of health units immediately after releasing Bram's ability. Now vending machines always drop explosive crossbow bolts instead of regular bolts.
Major Update preparations. League and Battle Pass season extension
4 February 2022
Fighters! Since we are working on releasing a major update, we are extending the leaderboard and Battle pass seasons until February 24th. 
“Report a problem” button for consoles Update
14 January 2022
“Report a problem” button for consoles
Update Update
30 December 2021
Increased dynamics, increased density of battles.
Update Update
28 December 2021
Fixed stopping camera while aiming in Bram's ability.
Grab all the gifts! Shop
21 December 2021
Collect Christmas gifts and eliminate the enemies in a dynamic 20 vs 20 battle — Holiday Brawl.
Twitch Drops rewards this weekend! Announcement
9 December 2021
Meet Bram van Helsing! A Dutch nobleman, occultist and hematophagous has arrived! In honor of this event, we have prepared gifts for Twitch viewers.
Battle Pass Rewards glitch Announcement
9 December 2021
Battle Pass Rewards glitch

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