Shoot them in the head! Event
28 October 2022
This is Halloween, which means brains are in high demand! Sharpen your machete and get into battle with the jackass zombies.
Update Update
25 October 2022
Fixed a bug that made it impossible to destroy the engineer's cameras with explosive bolts from a crossbow. Fixed the display of buggy model preview before building.
Update Update
19 October 2022
Added an option to push the helicopter by pressing the Shift button. Fixed a bug that caused the helicopter to lose control when switching the cursor to another window or exiting to the game menu via Esc. Fixed a bug that caused the helicopter to drop below the ground while it was in water.
Update Update
14 October 2022
Fixed Itz Ocelotl's Spirit Walk ability not displaying correctly in Practice mode. Reduced bonfire damage area. Fixed the display of zombie marks on the mini-map for the Clear zombie Infestation challenge.
Update Update
12 October 2022
Fixed a bug that caused challenges in the Siberia map to be located off-zone. Fixed a bug that caused session search in the group to stop if a Champion changed equipment. Fixed a bug that made it impossible to drop weapons from the inventory when playing using a gamepad.
Update Update
7 October 2022
Some fixes of the ability and damage.
Meet the new season and major update — “Dieselpunk”! Update
6 October 2022
Give a man some bread, and he'll be full for a day, give a man a wrench and he'll be breaking heads till the end.
Update Update
5 October 2022
Fixed a bug that caused players to not take damage as a mannequin.
The names of the greats Development
28 September 2022
Work on the next update is in full swing and we're sharing with you some cool changes to the leaderboard and the Battle Pass rewards lineup.
Upcoming changes in the Team brawl Event Development
29 August 2022
The good old Team brawl will change with the release of the update.
“Game Of Crowns” mode Event
23 August 2022
A special “Game Of Crowns” mode has been activated in the game today!
Test Everything, Touch Everything Development
19 August 2022
Well, we're getting ready to release an update that will change a few things you're used to and add some new and interesting things too. But first things first!
Leaderboard seasons Development
29 July 2022
The world needs to know its heroes by sight, and the new format of the leaderboard seasons makes it easier for you to claim the title.
Team brawl Event
26 July 2022
Join a dynamic 15vs15 battle on a compact map in the “Team brawl” game mode.
Gun Game - Shoot as much as you want! Event
12 July 2022
Fighters, ‘Gun Game’ mode will be added to the game today at 13:00 GMT!

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