Meet the new season and major update — “Fangs”! Update
1 December 2021
As you already know, the new season brings many new opportunities to outsmart, trap, and destroy your opponents, but that's not all!
Update Update
12 August 2021
Looting has been improved. Text appearing over items will now be visible by default with the option to remove it. The size of the text itself has been decreased.
Update (XBOX — Update
11 August 2021
The number of weapons in missions has been increased. The observer in spectator mode can place markers using the map. Added a message about a victory for the crown holder.
Update Update
9 August 2021
The regular crosshair has been switched back on for stationary machine guns. The chances of finding all variants of small arms has been increased and the chance to find pistols has been decreased.
Update Update
6 August 2021
The amount of damage received by the Crown bearer while in the Dark Zone during the ‘Game of Crowns’ mode has been increased. A bug which caused weapons not to unlock in Practice mode, if found in battle, has been fixed (you will need to find locked weapons again).
Automatic starting zone size change Development
5 August 2021
In the recent major update, we released an additional feature in the battle session control, we didn't disclose the details at the time, but was already gladly noted by the more attentive players. 
Update Update
5 August 2021
A bug that allowed the changing of an already completed task has been fixed.
Update Update
4 August 2021
Fixed the missing item ‘rarity’ mark. A bug which caused several players to respawn in one place has been fixed. A bug causing an insufficient amount of loot in some sessions has been fixed. Priority when picking up weapons has been improved. Now, nearby ammo will not interfere with the process of picking up. Mosin M91 "Infantry" has been returned to the game. An additional setting that indicates labels above loot in the “Game” tab has been added. Now, food in loot will be marked green.
Meet the new season “Claws” Update
3 August 2021
Long time familiar game mechanics will be transformed with this update! A new looting and inventory interface, changed Dark Zone mechanics, more user friendly ammo boxes instead of clips and magazines. New weapons, outfits, tombstones with astonishing effects will make this season fun, and all those new things you can test in the “Game of Crowns”  - where everyone is hunting the one.
New rewards in the major update for CRSED Development
26 July 2021
Friends, our team is making the final preparations for the major update. Unfortunately, we still need a few more days to finalise it, so the release is postponed until the 3rd of August. But today we will gladly tell you about an important new feature in the update that you have long suggested and asked for.
New customization collection Development
22 July 2021
Any good update doesn’t come without a new style for your Champions. Take a seat as we present our seasonal collection of cool items. This time it’s particularly impressive!
We are getting ready for a big update! Development
16 July 2021
We’re counting the days before the next big update! You’ve already heard about the new looting and inventory system, but the CRSED Gods have something else up their sleeves - what it is, shall soon be disclosed...
New Inventory and boxed ammo
12 July 2021
In this headline, we mean a massive and very useful revamp of the looting system we are preparing for the upcoming major update in CRSED. It will allow you to spend less time and effort on looting and focus on winning.
Update Update
30 June 2021
The hearts of dead squad members won’t disappear if the last living teammate has used a defibrillator. Items on the borders of the play zone will no longer disappear at the start of a game session.
Time to Swap Champions: Annie and Erik! News
29 June 2021
Until the 6th of July, you will be able to try and play Annie Ashley and Erik Thorson!
Server Update 29.06.21 Update
29 June 2021
Reapers now disappear if they can not find a target like a player or a zombie for more than 60 seconds. Fixed wrong player spawning in the Siberia map.