CRSED - Cuisine Royale: Second Edition. Reincarnation Update
3 December 2020
The new season of our brutal last-man-standing shooter, “Reincarnation”, changes everything! With the full game reboot comes a new name. A competition awaits, full of bloodshed, promising the fulfillment of all of the winners’ desires. Cuisine Royale is over, and now, it’s time for Cuisine Royale Second Edition - CRSED: F.O.A.D.*
Update Update
22 October 2020
A bug where Erik was able to fly at long ranges in the special ability “Thunder Strike” has been fixed.
The first rewards for participation in the leagues News
8 October 2020
The first rewards for participation in the leagues is ready and waiting for you in the game. From 15:00 GMT on the 8th of October until the 15th of October you will receive a reward corresponding to the league you are participating in.
8 October 2020
A bug where grenade launchers sometimes caused no damage has been fixed.
New Leagues event and extension of reward season Development
1 October 2020
Today marks the start of a new event in Cuisine Royale! Accompanying the new Leagues leaderboard season are epic rewards, so now is the time to go for them! At the end of the Leagues season, the best players will be awarded and each winner will receive not only the maximum prize for their achieved level, but also all prizes from the lower levels. The top rewards will be calculated irrelevant of the game mode, so you can play solo, duo or squads - the choice is yours.
New Weapons Development
25 September 2020
In Normandy, Mexico and on the misty Island of Siberia in the upcoming large update you will find many new handy weapons.
Update Update
18 September 2020
The footstep sounds of your squad members have become quieter in order for you to hear enemy footsteps more clearly. A melee kill will no longer show the ‘Headshot’ notification. A bug has been fixed where teammate hearts might drop through objects if they had been killed inside buildings.
Flamethrowers and Mortars Development
18 September 2020
We are constantly adding new weapons to Cuisine Royale, but in this update we have prepared something really special!
Motor Boats Development
15 September 2020
Look for motor boats on the lake shores and along rivers to cross water in a matter of seconds and travel through half of the location in comfort.
A Mysterious Island Siberia Development
10 September 2020
In the upcoming large update you will enter a harsh world of taiga, rocks, dangerous geysers, and beautiful lakes. You will enter Siberia!
Update (PS4) Update
7 September 2020
Now you will not see short messages and will not hear voice chat from banned players. Fixed incorrect hand position when switching from Night scope equipped weapon to melee. Itz Ocelotl will not trigger traps when in Spirit Walk mode.
Update Update
31 August 2020
Fixed the possibility of removing the Dark Zone sound; Fixed incorrect hand position when switching from Night scope equipped weapon to melee...
Get Ready for Global Update News
29 August 2020
We are preparing the largest update in Cuisine Royale history! We will disclose more on the new content in following devblogs.
Update Update
18 August 2020
A problem with climbing on roofs has been fixed.
Update Update
14 August 2020
The possibility of shooting without using ammo has been fixed. A gesture animation will now be interrupted by using melee weapons.
Results of the Cuisine Royale Art Contest News
11 August 2020
After the hot disputes while using golden pans we are finally ready to present to you the winners of the Art Contest and their creations.