Steam and Gaijin Store sale! Sale
21 November 2023
Discounts in Steam and Gaijin Store from November 21st (12:00 UTC) to November 28th (18:00 UTC).
Summer Sale! Sale
29 June 2023
Enjoy summer discounts of the Gaijin.Net Store!
The Game Awards Sale! Sale
8 December 2022
Celebrate the best in video games with the Game Awards and get pleasant discounts in the Epic Games Store.
Summer Sale! Sale
22 June 2022
From the 22nd of June at 11:00 GMT until the 4th of July at 11:00 GMT Discounted customizable bundles!
“Back to School” pack sale! 70% OFF! Sale
29 October 2021
Only until the 1st of November (15:00 UTC) “Back to School” pack with 70% off! The pack can be purchased in the ingame Store.

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