CRSED - Cuisine Royale: Second Edition. Reincarnation Update
3 December 2020
The new season of our brutal last-man-standing shooter, “Reincarnation”, changes everything! With the full game reboot comes a new name. A competition awaits, full of bloodshed, promising the fulfillment of all of the winners’ desires. Cuisine Royale is over, and now, it’s time for Cuisine Royale Second Edition - CRSED: F.O.A.D.*
New combat mod Rocket Surgery News
4 December 2020
Only grenade launchers, mortars, grenades and other items to make bada-boom are in the loot! To increase mobility we have also added a lot of jetpacks around the map. Explosive mid-short range combat and lots of fun when occasionally blowing yourself up is guaranteed...
Shoot his pumpkin off News
29 October 2020
Twilight comes to Cuisine Royale - so it’s time to smash pumpkins! From October 29th until November 5th take part in especially gloomy fights and get a unique hat for your collection!
The first rewards for participation in the leagues News
8 October 2020
The first rewards for participation in the leagues is ready and waiting for you in the game. From 15:00 GMT on the 8th of October until the 15th of October you will receive a reward corresponding to the league you are participating in.
Get Ready for Global Update News
29 August 2020
We are preparing the largest update in Cuisine Royale history! We will disclose more on the new content in following devblogs.
Results of the Cuisine Royale Art Contest News
11 August 2020
After the hot disputes while using golden pans we are finally ready to present to you the winners of the Art Contest and their creations.
Cuisine Royale Art Contest News
17 July 2020
We invite you to take part in the Cuisine Royale Art contest. You know how to use a pencil, watercolor or digital art?
χaos Games — Add some chaos in streamers battles! News
18 June 2020
Help your favourite streamers by giving them a timely ‘Fast Run’, or play a joke on them by flooding their location, summoning the zombie horde or meteor shower! χaos Games are launched in beta mode and can be temporarily suspended for bug fixing or improvements.
Stay home and survive safely! News
31 March 2020
Survivors! From now on, you will have the ability to unlock items at a much faster rate. For 30 days until 20 April, you will receive a +50% XP bonus for all battles played. Now, after receiving the 60th reward from the reward tree, you will start receiving additional smaller rewards in royal bucks for all extra challenges completed. All players who already completed extra challenges will receive all earned extra rewards at once. From now on, you will receive two daily challenges instead of one. You can still only have no more than three unfinished challenges in the list at any given time.
Damage Model News
24 January 2020
Cuisine Royale features many realistic weapon models and every bullet shot is subject to the strict laws of physics. We have published a number of weapons’ characteristics, and here is the guide to how the damage calculation works.
Cuisine Royale 2019 at a glance News
27 December 2019
It’s and old tradition to analyze the results of a year in the last days of December, so we wanted to give you an overview of all the changes in our brutal last-man-standing shooter with magical realism setting - Cuisine Royale.
Snow Maiden News
24 December 2019
You can find Snow Maiden suit for Annie in the in-game shop for golden crowns!
Cuisine Royale is now available for everyone on PS4 News
3 December 2019
Good news for PlayStation 4 players. Everyone can now play Cuisine Royale for free and PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive additional bonuses in the game.
Cuisine Royale now on Playstation 4! News
19 November 2019
After a considerable amount of hard work, we are now pleased to announce that Cuisine Royal, the brutal multiplayer last-man-standing shooter with realistic weaponry, mystic traps and demonic rituals, is coming to PlayStation® 4, ready to be tested and played from the 19th of November!
Partnership Program News
13 November 2019
It’s time to cook up a little something special for our Youtube and Twitch fans! Today, we are opening the Cuisine Royale Partnership Program for all those crazy and funky creators that want to feature our game and get a small bonus for their effort.
For the Night is Dark and Full of Terror News
29 October 2019
Gladiators of Cuisine Royale, you have faced a number of mystic perils, but in this event you will shiver! Halloween is coming and evil, residing on the Dark side, strives to enter our world.