Meet the new season and major update — “Fangs”! Update
1 December 2021
As you already know, the new season brings many new opportunities to outsmart, trap, and destroy your opponents, but that's not all!
Play another Team brawl Event
9 November 2021
Join a dynamic 15vs15 battle on a compact map in the new game mode “Team brawl”.
The Day of the Dead with Zombie Rush Event
1 November 2021
In Mexico, the Day of the Dead is in full swing and zombies have united in a new, final wave in Zombie Rush!
Shoot them in the head! Event
26 October 2021
This is Halloween, which means brains are in high demand! Sharpen your machete and get into battle with the jackass zombies.
Renaissance comes to the CRSED: F.O.A.D. battlefields Event
17 August 2021
In the “Revenant!” solo event, a player who has 100 or more sinner souls will be automatically resurrected at the random bonfire within a safe circle in exactly the same way it happens in squad mode if saved by your teammates. It’s a nice chance to loot again and avenge your killer! Also it will make battles more intense.
F.A.R.T. Knight
1 April 2021
This April, you can be a builder of authentic architectural masterpieces and a tester of the most modern rocket engines. Pierce the clouds and build towers in the new mode for the most demanding audience - Field Approved Rocket Testing!