Game Of Crowns & Gun Game! Event
9 July 2024
The special modes "Game of Crowns" and "Gun Game" have been activated in game today!
Summer sale! Shop
27 June 2024
50% off all packs
Revenant & Gun Game! Event
25 June 2024
This time - Gun Game and Revenant!
Sharpshooters Brawl & Gun Game Event
11 June 2024
Run for a win.
29 May 2024
Prices for packs and crowns have been cut in half from now till the end of time!
You asked for it - we deliver! Gun Game & Hero Rumble Event
28 May 2024
This time, we decided to launch two modes at once - Hero Rumble and your favorite Gun Game! Enjoy!"
Airborne Troopers Event
14 May 2024
Today you’ll be able to feel what it’s like to jump down from the skies above and choose where to start your battle on the fields of CRSED: F.O.A.D.
“Game Of Crowns” mode Event
30 April 2024
A special “Game Of Crowns” mode has been activated in the game today!
Revenant! Event
16 April 2024
Renaissance comes to the CRSED: F.O.A.D. battlefields
Sharpshooters Brawl Event
2 April 2024
Run for a win.
70% discount on Crowns! Sale
26 March 2024
Unbelievable 70% discount on the main premium currency of the game - Golden Crowns!
Today you choose! "Hero Rumble" Event! Event
19 March 2024
Team brawl? Better - "Hero Rumble"!
Update Update
18 March 2024
The beast's sense has been awakened! Enemies in Clyde's ability are now highlighted in red. The maps "Mexico" and "Winter Normandy" have been added to Cuisine Royale mode
Spring sale in CRSED! Sale
14 March 2024
50% discount on almost all of the packs
Update Update
14 March 2024

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