Revenant! Event
28 November 2023
Renaissance comes to the CRSED: F.O.A.D. battlefields
Steam and Gaijin Store sale! Sale
21 November 2023
Discounts in Steam and Gaijin Store from November 21st (12:00 UTC) to November 28th (18:00 UTC).
Cuisine Royale will be ending its online services on mobile devices
20 November 2023
Cuisine Royale will be ending its online services on mobile devices on 20.12.2023.
Sharpshooters Brawl Event
15 November 2023
Run for a win.
Zombie Rush! Event
31 October 2023
The Day of the Dead is in full swing and zombies have united in a new, final wave in Zombie Rush!
Update Update
17 October 2023
Fixed the platform icons display pre-fixing the nickname. Fixed compass display in battles.
Today you choose! "Hero Rumble" Event! Event
17 October 2023
Team brawl? Better - "Hero Rumble"!
Update Update
5 October 2023
Fixed vehicle traction with the ground. Fixed incorrect behavior of the champion model when interacting with the " Throw right" trap on the ladder. Eva Woods' teleportation objects in camouflage are now always on the ground.
Airborne Troopers Event
3 October 2023
Today you’ll be able to feel what it’s like to jump down from the skies above and choose where to start your battle on the fields of CRSED: F.O.A.D.
Update Update
2 October 2023
Fixed a bug that made it impossible to crawl through small windows. Fixed a bug in the voicing of Val and Ocelotl. Fixed incorrect hand position of champions under certain conditions. Fixed preview of the engineer's camera angle.
Update Update
26 September 2023
Fixed a bug that caused Spirit of a swindler to work incorrectly and not replace primed grenades in the slot machine game. Fixed a bug that caused the Catalyzed ritual of Global Flood to work incorrectly.
Update Update
22 September 2023
Fixes and improvements.
Meet the new season and major update — “I'mMortal”! Update
21 September 2023
Thanks to your feedback, we've been working hard on balancing powers in the arena and making changes to Bram van Helsing's abilities! We’ve also added the community-favorite Cabaret Dancer outfit to the customization chest. But that's not all, as another champion is rushing to join us. He may not have a fedora, but that doesn't stop him from being a troublesome, hardcore and influential gangster in the arena of the dark gods. Meet Nikolai Orlov: coming to the new season of the battle pass "I'mMortal"!
“Game Of Crowns” mode Event
19 September 2023
A special “Game Of Crowns” mode has been activated in the game today!
Revenant! Event
5 September 2023
Renaissance comes to the CRSED: F.O.A.D. battlefields

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