Airborne Troopers Event
19 April 2022
Today you’ll be able to feel what it’s like to jump down from the skies above and choose where to start your battle on the fields of CRSED: F.O.A.D.
Update Update
7 April 2022
Interface bug fixes.
F.A.R.T. Knight Event
1 April 2022
We are announcing the return of a tremendous game mode for all the fans of the most popular battle royales! Build, fly and fight in the Field Approved Rocket Testing Knight or F.A.R.T. Knight.
Update Update
28 March 2022
Task "Snatch some loot from the undead guards" is again available.
Update Update
21 March 2022
Eva Woods' fix.
Chests for Eternal Grace Update
16 March 2022
Meet the new system of purchasing cosmetic chests!
Update Update
14 March 2022
Interface improvments.
Update Update
10 March 2022
There are no more unreachable allied hearts.
Update Update
9 March 2022
Fixes in Siberia and more.
Update Update
3 March 2022
Additional Lobby changes and more.
Update ( - Xbox, PlayStation®) Update
2 March 2022
Sight improvement and Eva fix.
Update Update
1 March 2022
Lobby changes and more.
Meet the new season and major update — “Glitch”! Update
28 February 2022
In the new season you can look anew at the leveling of your champions, the look of your weapons, the first minutes of the game... In general, there will be a lot to look at!
Chest for underwear Development
25 February 2022
We continue to reveal details of CRSED's upcoming major update.