Cuisine Royale: Q&A

6 July 2019

Thank you for your interesting questions. We have prepared answers from the developers of Cuisine Royale and are ready to share them with you!


Q. Will the airdrop system be changed (price, mechanic, items)?

We will most likely have changes with it, but for sure can only say how and what after a few weeks whilst we examine more statistics on the balance and efficiency.

Q. You said in the past there will be possibility to resurrect teammates in the battle? Can you tell us anything about this?

We are now considering the option of resurrecting your teammates in battle with the help of a special item or place where you need to bring the “soul” of your teammate.

Q. Is it possible to diversify the lootboxe’s respawn points? We have already learned them by heart - so we already know if it is a trap or not.

Perhaps, yes. As well as changing the type of the fridge trap.

Q. Do you plan to improve the attacks in the fights at close distance? Switching between shooting and melee weaps like knife, machete etc.

We’re going to rework our melee in the future, but not the near future.

Q. Will it be possible to shoot from a car?


Q. Will we have skins for the weapons?

Not planned currently.

Q. With the Additional guns amount ingame, now some of the other guns feel less common on the map. Will there be an adjustment for the remaining other guns also ?

We’ll see how it will play out. But we’ll definitely continue to tweak gun spawns.

Q. Do you plan to implement the ability to display the traps placed by your teammates and the possibility of marking already installed traps?

Good suggestion, we will try to implement it. 

Q. Will it be possible to adjust the FOV value?

Most probably not.


Q. Will we have in new games, new cars or other vehicles?

Yes, we will add new vehicles. We plan to return the Volkswagen Beetle and also to look at some other interesting and popular cars.

Q. Is it planned to implement shooting range?

We are considering adding shooting range to the loading of the game session.

Q. Do you plan to remove from the game the rituals after the “Weird West” season ends?

We don’t plan to remove already researched and purchased rituals and traps but it is possible that the price for using them will be changed in the future.

Q. Do you plan to implement new traps and rituals in the future updates?

Traps and rituals have shown a serious increase in interest in the game from new and old users. Next season will have its own preset of the traps and rituals possibly partially overlapping with the current ones.


Q. The last recoil update was global, right? If so, do you plan to tweak some guns individually? Some guns still need it.  Especially Beretta m38, FG42 and StG. The last one really suffers from strong recoil, while it was pretty much controllable IRL. It was kind of a revolutionary weapon and it should be one of the best weapons in  the game. But sadly it's not.

Yes, we’re going to improve our recoil mathematical model to include al nuances of guns.

Q. Do you plan to tweak stationery MGs? Right now it feels a little op. Especially with x3 bolt action rifle zoom.

We’re going to tweak their zoom a bit, but otherwise just beware of them.

Q. Is it planned to implement other rockets for the M1 Bazooka? For example incendiary or smoke?

It is possible, but not planned yet.

Q. Will there be molotov cocktails or flamethrowers in the game?

We plan to expand the types of weapons, primarily for Enlisted, but will probably try it first in the Cuisine Royale.

Q. Is it possible to increase damage to slide bolt action rifles? At the moment they are almost as good as semi-automatic weapons in terms of damage.

Slide bolt action rifles use the same round as semi-automatic weapons, but  they have a better accuracy, so at the moment we will not increase the damage rate of them.

Q. Any chance for damage falloff tuning? Long range engagements are still pretty ineffective and bolt action rifles are falling out of competition again due to improved recoil for semi-auto rifles.

Yes, could be, as well as we found and fixed a bug when falloff was calculated incorrectly at the moment.

Q. Can there be a little bit more explaining of how people can kill a person sitting in a car with full armor with 1 bullet that doesn't show a headshot kill just shows they killed you with 1 bullet?

It definitely depends on a bullet (PTRS oneshots anyone), but it could also be a bug. We need some videos with it.

XBox version

Q. Will there be duo option for Xbox players?

It depends on the playerbase, but most likely not.

Q. Will the Xbox version Get a Compass as it currently doesn't have it.

Yes, we’ve removed it because of performance issues, but we’ve solved it already and it will be re-added.

Q. Xbox shows 50 people on the same map doing squad will there be an increase for the pc side also?

For that we need to have more playerbase. Probably closer to release it could be achievable.


Q. Any changes in plans to release the game already this summer?

This summer or on the beginning of autumn.

Q. Are the player statistics taken into account when selecting opponents, e.g. in solo mode?

At the moment, the amount of players is not enough to provide both - quick matchmaking and rating consideration.

Q. Will there be an addon like a photo mode where a user could move the camera only to take some pictures?

Only in replay mode, which is not in the near future.

Q. Will you add the ability to adjust the boom box volume?

Most probably not.

Q. Is the Linux (Ubuntu) support or mobile version implementation planned?

Linux support isn’t planned for now, but we are looking and thinking about mobile version support.

Q. Will it be possible to join the game session after the connection has been dropped?

Yes, but it isn’t in the nearest plans. But we do plan to implement such a possibility.

Q. Will there be the option to add your own playlist in the game to play on the boombox?

Definitely not in a way that anyone else can hear it, otherwise it could be abused and it is also possible that this will also violate copyright.

Q. Are there any plans to significantly optimize and reduce the system requirements of the game?

Optimization of processor requirements is planned in the first place.

Q. Will the game switch from free to play to paid after the release?