Season updated - Welcome to the “Weird West”!

28 May 2019

The “Weird West” season update is postponed for one day due to technical issues and will be introduced tomorrow, on the 31st of May. Thank you for your patience! We all want a stable and quality game in Cuisine Royale.

With a little bit of mysticism, Cuisine Royale’s “Wild West” will turn into "Weird West" very soon on the 30th of May. What will the update of the current season bring us?

New sprays will replace the old ones: all sprays will be replaced by unique seal sprays on the research tree in the Workshop.

The “Wild West story book” has turned into the “Weird West story book” it also hasn't disappeared from anything if you already have one and any Royal Bucks that you have earned throughout the season will stay with you and you can spend them to open the new sigils in the Workshop. Note also that when opening items in the research trees you need only the previous item, so that any new sprays will not block the opening of items at the end of the research.

Sprays - mystic seals

Spray symbols with mystical powers. 28 different seals will help to heal your ally, slow down the enemy, push or even launch the enemy into the air and even summon a sinister zombie. Earn “Sinner's Souls” in battle and use them for these and other spells.  We will tell you about each of them in our Facebook group.

Weird West story book

When purchasing the “Weird West story book” you will immediately get 2 unique costumes: a Bandit man's suit and an Adventurer women's suit as well as a Red Scarf mask. The story book allows you to access unique tasks for two months. Complete the tasks and open new wild-western items in the workshop!

Within two weeks after the season update, all owners of “Story books” receive all the usual sprays withdrawn from the game Workshop. Simply log into the game to receive them.