Missing body parts. A maniac? Bandits?

31 March 2019


A daring crime was committed last night. Mr. Mullikan and Mrs. Ashley were completely devoid of their bodies. It is unknown who stole the flesh of our heroes and replaced them with mannequins, and what purpose they were pursuing is also unknown. The sheriff won’t comment on the situation, but has begun to gather rangers in a search.

Will Clyde Mullican and Annie Ashley be able to find and return their heads, torsos, arms and legs? We'll discover this as soon as possible.

It's a head, I eat with it

Lack of body parts can be a serious impediment to victory. If a character doesn't have a head, he or she won't be able to eat, so he or she won't be able to improve their health. The hand of the starting mannequin will be enough to hold a rifle, but without their own trained muscles they won’t be able to pull up and skilfully jump over a fence directly on to the head of an unsuspecting opponent... if, of course, they have a head.

Faster, higher, stronger

Native body parts will not only provide the characters with basic functions, but also improve their characteristics. Iron Clyde rolls will increase the protection of the hero, and his calm head will not panic and stay alive longer outside the narrowing zone. Annie's experienced diver's body will allow her to stay underwater longer, her dexterous left hand will speed up recharging, and her strong right fingers will reduce the recoil from a shot.

A total of 14 body parts (7 men's and 7 women's) are available in the game. They can be combined in any way within the standard set: two arms, two legs, head, torso and pelvis.

Former Annie and Clyde will also make a return to the game until April 2nd, 11:00 GMT