Popular YouTubers in Cuisine Royale!

21 February 2019

Clyde ”Dozen” Mullican now has the voice of some famous YouTubers.

You can choose a voice in the customisation menu and hear your character speaking with the voice of PhlyDaily, Many Miles Away and Ranzratte1337. Or even one of the mysterious СТАС ДАВЫДОВ (THIS IS ХОРОШО), МОРГЕНШТЕРН,  EUGENESAGAZ!

This was my first time voice acting for anything.”, says PhlyDaily. “I hope everyone enjoys this sound pack as much as I did making it!”

What voice and what personality will Clyde have in the future? Which voices will he use? Follow the updates!

Clyde received his nickname thanks to all of the “multiple personalities” he had acquired as the result of a mental disorder. Our players have already met some of them - a mobster, a mexican artist, and even a ruthless “Beast” (well-known for his close-combat machete skills).

Now, after taking part in fights for survival over 6 months, Clyde has uncovered a few new personalities. They are really different, but still have things in common - they all enjoy the show and all of them are video-bloggers! Clyde will comment on everything that happens on the battlefield. Will it be a lucky shot, or a sudden lull? There are also special jokes in case of coincidence of circumstances, such as  beating a bullet off with a pan.