Today you choose! "Hero Rumble" Event!

19 March 2024

Team brawl? Better - "Hero Rumble"!

The rules are clear:

  • On the first respawn, you will get a submachine gun, sniper rifle, T2 armor and food.
  • You will have unlimited respawns.
  • After each respawn you choose a new Champion, a new trap and ability. Champions, abilities and traps already played are all blocked. When everything has been played, the choice is updated, and everything is available to you again.
  • Your loot does not disappear after death.
  • You can find rare and epic weapons, armor, artifacts and a special hidden loot on the map.

So not only can you get a cosmetics chest, but also try, see, and test any Champions, even the ones you haven't purchased yet, in the game.

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