14 March 2024
  • In Cuisine Royale mode, canned food box now restores 3 health points instead of 1.
  • Fixed localization for all food in Cuisine Royale mode.
  • Cuisine Royale mode has been added to some daily quests.
  • The cost to purchase the Battle Pass for Grace has been reduced from 60000 to 35000.
  • Sin "Huli" Yeou-Bi's ability now lasts 30 seconds instead of 20.
  • Fixed a bug that caused orbital lootboxes to hover in the sky.
  • Reduced the power and increased the traction of the WD40k's vehicle.
  • Changed the mechanics of the ancient spirit of a glutton. It now gives 7 souls per meal eaten if the character does not require treatment, and 14 if it does.


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