29 February 2024

The heroes of CRSED, after winning a supernatural battle, unlock the hellish Cuisine Royale!

A mode that our most loyal survival battle fans remember well. From now on you will be able to fight both in the familiar CRSED, with the superpowers of Heroes, and in a new bloody battle for hardcore gourmands - Cuisine Royale.

Please, come to the table!

A violent battle royal is on the menu!

This update adds a mode that takes you back to the early days of our game, when Heroes relied only on realistic weapons, useful items, and their own skill to fight.

New Heroes will also be able to enter the new mode: Ocelotl, Eric, Valentine, Nikolai, Clyde, Annie, Huli, Katrina, Louis, Bram, Eva - everyone is invited to this salad of bodies. And everyone has equal chance of survival. Choose Cuisine Royale mode and bon appétit!

Full list of update improvements

  • Hero summoning stones can now be obtained from Random battle reward chests - unlock any Hero just by playing!
  • Added a new game mode Cuisine Royale.
  • Added a drone for Friedrich "WD40k" Diesel.
  • Added mini gameplay clips to the character descriptions.
  • Disabled the rotation of Heroes. As compensation, 8 universal stones were given to players. Newcomers can buy one of the three starting Heroes.
  • The number of players in Squad mode has been reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Battle Pass Stones are no longer linked to a season - any character can be purchased with them.
  • Eric Torden's ability preparation animation has been reduced to one second.
  • The movement speed of Katrina Matadi while using her ability has been significantly increased.
  • Battle Passes can now be purchased for Grace as long as you have four or more unlocked Heroes.
  • Fixed bugs that caused the game to crash.

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