Less power for the creature of the night

1 September 2023

Fighters! The Dark Gods have long observed battles in their arena and decided that Bram Van Helsing is clearly overpowered. Since they want fair fights, it was decided that with the upcoming Major update Bram’s powers will be partially suppressed. 

So, while moving as a flock of bats, Bram will spend his force much faster, so he will need to measure distance carefully and take into consideration new time limits he has while in changed form. 

His protection will also be lowered while flying. Also, when in human form, if he falls from significant height - he will still not die, but will not be able to fight immediately after the fall, struggling with concussion. 

The Dark Gods will keep observing the balance on the arena, so it is possible that further actions will be taken on Bram and other champions. 

Let the best one win in a fair fight!

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