It's gonna be a big one!

24 August 2023

Hello, survival game fans! It's time to shine a light on the changes and new features of the next major update.

More brawls for the God of Brawls

Real soon you will be able to take part in a new event. It's fun to run around, with all the heroes carrying full magazines, but how about testing your accuracy and reaction?

  • Weapons loaded with 1 round of ammo spawn in the area.
  • After a shot is fired, the weapon disappears from your hands.
  • You can't pick up more than 1 weapon.
  • The one who kills more enemies in the given time wins.

We’ve also listened to your feedback and made changes to the familiar "Revenant!" event: we have added more loot around the respawn points. Now you won't have to run from enemies with bare ... Well, you know.

Pitch dark

That's exactly what all enemies on the map will think when you apply the new Mist ritual.

Just imagine: behind you, the zone is already starting to nip at your heels, and ahead of you is a clear field, where you will get a bullet in the head from an enemy, sitting in the bushes. What to do? Cover the sky and the eyes of the enemies with thick mist, and run faster than the wind!

While waiting for the next diaries, you have time to stretch your fingers and learn the sprint, you will definitely need it.

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