Gun Game - Shoot as much as you want!

30 May 2023

Fighters, ‘Gun Game’ mode in the game!

It will take place in "Novogorsk monastery", with a focus on uninterrupted combat. This mode features a unique set of rules as follows:

  • An infinite number of revivals, with a maximum number of up to 15 players per match.
  • There are 16 levels of combat. To move to the next level, you will need to kill two opponents.
  • At each level, the player will receive a new weapon. At the 16th level, the player will receive a knife with which they will be required to kill one enemy.
  • The winner will be the first player to pass all levels and kill an enemy using the knife as their final weapon.
  • The size of the game area will not change during the battle.
  • Special abilities and rituals will not be available.
  • The only traps you can use are: “Shield”, “Jump pad” and “Throw aside”.
  • Inside the monastery, you will be able to find artefacts. No other loot will be available on the map.
  • Ammo for weapons is infinite.
  • Each enemy kill regenerates 7 points of your HP.

And like before, you can earn special rewards during the event.

Good luck, and enjoy the bloody, hard combat!

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