Grab all the gifts!

27 December 2022

Collect Christmas gifts and eliminate the enemies in a dynamic 20 vs 20 battle — Holiday Brawl. 

The ‘Brawl’ starts from December 27, 13:00 (UTC) and ends January 10, 13:00 (UTC)!

Event features:

  • Landing on the 800 meter Siberia map.
  • Battles are time limited.
  • Unlimited respawns.
  • After death, collected loot is not lost.
  • The loot is spread over the map and is wrapped in gift boxes, in which you can find something from weapons, armor, artifacts and more.
  • Gift boxes will occasionally respawn (it makes sense to go back to already looted buildings).
  • Snowballs fall from the sky... Oh, they're orbital gifts!
  • The team that gets 150 kills first wins.


This time you can not only get a cosmetic chest for tasks, but also a Holiday Chest for the first Holiday Brawl victory.

Holiday chest

The chest will be available throughout the Event along with cosmetic chests in the Shop for 99 Gold Crowns:

  • Elf Hat
  • Snow Maiden
  • Viking Santa
  • Reindeer antlers
  • Holiday Hat
  • Blue woolen underwear
  • Red woolen underwear
  • “Snowflakes” underwear
  • “Holiday gift” underwear
  • Blue woolen boxer shorts
  • Red woolen boxer shorts
  • “Snowflakes” boxer shorts
  • “Holiday gift” boxer shorts
  • “Mystical snowflake” spray
  • “Outlaw Snowman” spray
  • “Better luck next year” spray

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