Upcoming changes in the Team brawl Event

29 August 2022

The good old Team brawl will change with the release of the update.

The dynamic battle you're used to on a compact map has been moved to Siberia. Don’t forget to pack beast fur. ;)

As you might remember, with Team brawl rules:

  • On the first respawn, you will get a submachine gun, sniper rifle, T2 armor and food.
  • You will have unlimited respawns.
  • Your loot does not disappear after death.
  • You can find rare and epic weapons, armor, artifacts and a special hidden loot on the map.

And here's what's different: after each respawn you choose a new Champion, a new trap and ability. Champions, abilities and traps already played are all blocked. When everything has been played, the choice is updated, and everything is available to you again.

So in one "circle of respawns", you play all the Champions one at a time. That's right, ANY of them, even the ones you haven't purchased yet.

So not only can you get a cosmetics chest, but also try, see, and test any Champion in the game.


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