F.A.R.T. Knight

1 April 2022

We are announcing the return of a tremendous game mode for all the fans of the most popular battle royales! Build, fly and fight in the Field Approved Rocket Testing Knight or F.A.R.T. Knight.

Building done properly

Last Friday evening we studied similar games in the list of most downloaded battle royales. After analyzing them thoroughly, we have distilled specific player type: those who love to build skyscrapers instead of shooting. To give something to this kind of players, we have added building mechanics to the new test mode F.A.R.T. Knight. But beware, in our case we are not talking not about boring modern box-houses, too ugly to fit into our picturesque locations in CRSED: F.O.A.D, but elegant masterpieces of classical architecture - like the Tower of Pisa.

In battle you will find marble stones to build the great historical building and be able to use it as a sniper nest towering over the landscape.

Burn for good

At the same time further analysis revealed a significant number of players who can’t help burning from the heart of their bottoms. “You spot the enemy, shoot him, and he #$%s out a skyscraper - I burn so much, I could go orbital!” - explained one of the battle royale players anonymously when polled. 

In order to create better immersion in the F.A.R.T. Knight world and synchronize player feelings with their champion, our game designers have introduced new mechanics, focusing internal heat into a controlled jet stream.

Each time your champion eats a meal, they replenish the “bio-jetpack” fuel reserve to be used on demand. Use it to fly to anywhere you need, surprise opponents and reach the top of any ‘Tower of Pisa’ around!

Eco friendly and socially responsible bio-jetpack of  F.A.R.T. Knight also underlines the importance of moving away from using fossil fuels and the need to switch to renewables! For those, who care.

Choose F.A.R.T. Knight in the list of the CRSED game modes!

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