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26 November 2021

Crossbow Upgrade

Pick up a crossbow and you're about to go ‘postal’, but your aim isn't good enough? No worries — you need a new, upgraded bolt.

It'll explode when it hits the target, and won't burn down a village, but it'll knock the smug grin off Annie's face, tout suite.

The “Silence” Ritual

Enemies will no longer corner you with rituals or reinforce themselves by activating additional abilities. Use "Silence" and silence them for almost a minute. Or forever...

Once the ritual is activated, your opponents won't be able to activate any abilities or use new traps for almost a minute. All active abilities are instantly deactivated.

New Traps

Any remaining opponents will be finished off by greed. You set new traps that are camouflaged as gravestones, they get destroyed and the effects are activated: slowing down or health reduction.

But the other player not only will suffer from the effects of a gravestone trap, its destruction will also show up on the map as a notification.

We'll show more interesting details about the next major update in the next devblog. Stay tuned.

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