Updated Spectator Mode

18 November 2021

Defeated heroes will be able to remain in the battle and spend time learning the actions of more experienced players before the end of the match. 

In the next major CRSED update, we will be updating the Spectator mode so that players can follow the actions of other players in battle. You will be able to track the equipment and view the inventory of the player you are watching. Solo spectator mode is available as soon as you die. In duos or squads, you can watch your opponents only after all players in your squad have died. The surviving player, as well as other battle members, will be able to see the number of spectators watching them.

Explore new tactics, unusual use of traps and rituals, invite experienced heroes into your squad and show their incredible skills to all players thanks to the updated Spectator mode!

We're starting a series of posts about what's new in the upcoming major update to the game. Stay tuned. Please note! The Battle Pass season has been extended by 1 week and is scheduled for December 1st. 

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