Meet the new season “Claws”

3 August 2021

Long time familiar game mechanics will be transformed with this update! A new looting and inventory interface, changed Dark Zone mechanics, more user friendly ammo boxes instead of clips and magazines. 

New weapons, outfits, tombstones with astonishing effects will make this season fun, and all those new things you can test in the “Game of Crowns”  - where everyone is hunting the one. 

Check all the dark gods gifts:

CRSED: F.O.A.D. - Lone Wolf Pack
This pack includes:
  • "Clyde" hero unlock;
  • "Lone Wolf" outfit;
  • "Claws" weapon;
  • 700 Crowns.



Main changes

  • New game mode “Game of Crowns”. 
  • New outfits: Movie Star (Annie), Voodoo Detective (Louise Celine), Lone Wolf (Clyde).
  • New weapons: Claws, MG 13, Lewis gun, Schmeisser MK36.III, Bren Mk II.
  • New tombstones: Mannequin, Vulture, Explosive Barrel, Nordic stone.
  • New masks: Cyber, Octagon Shades, “Tribal" mask.
  • New talismans: Ancient creature, Heart.
  • New underwear: Bite, Lightning,Terrazzo, White Magic, Black Magic,  Good Luck!, Sunflowers, Black camouflage underwear, Poetry, Abstract underwear, Watermelons, Blue polka dot underwear.
  • New sprays: Karma, Toxic Environment, Death Commander, Sakura, Catch Me If You Can, Pocket Aztec, Tribal style, Shrunken Head,Fenrir's Paw, Battle Axe, Ancient Axolotl.
  • In addition to the normal damage from the dark zone, a corruption (curse) has been added, which accumulates all of the time the champion is in the dark zone. The corruption increases received damage, which is higher the longer the champion is affected by the curse. The corruption gradually decreases if the champion returns to the battle zone. Also, the nimbus of protection from the dark forces reduces the damage.
  • Background music in the menu has been updated - now it changes when you select champions.

Weapon mechanics

  • When targeting ammo in inventory, you see the appropriate weapon highlighted where you can use them. 
  • Browning 1918A2 got a secondary auto firing mode with a slower rate of fire. 
  • Clips and magazines are replaced with ammo boxes. 
  • If you drop a weapon with the scope installed, the scope will be placed in inventory if there is enough space. 
  • If you loot a weapon with a scope mount, the scope from your inventory will be automatically installed. 
  • Removed following weapons from the game:  PPD 40, Mosin M91 "Infantry" rifle, Beretta M38, MP 41, MP 38, Gewehr 41, M1 Carbine, Johnson M1941, M1917 Enfield.

Graphics and Interface

  • Changed the way loot looks on the location. Now text names appear only over highlighted items and all items get box frames to ease highlighting. 
  • SSpecial aim mark is added for melee weapons to ease looting.
  • If you hover over a weapon, suitable ammo boxes will be highlighted. 
  • The inventory is divided into tabs to group items and ease navigation. 
  • If you want to purchase an item in the in-game shop, you can first see detailed info about it in a special window. 
  • Improved visual grenade throwing sequence. 
  • Changed grenade throwing trajectory: 
    • Lowered shift from the center of view;
    • Lowered additional lift of trajectory.
  • “Rally” task icons on the minimap changed with finish flags. Removed extra icons. 
  • Now you can also change the grenade equipped by dragging it from inventory.
  • Fuel level in HUD now displays only Jetpack tank status, disregarding extra fuel in canisters. 
  • Extra jetpack fuel canisters counter added to HUD. 
  • Improved champion walking animation over long distances. 
  • Xbox One: added Global Illumination feature.
  • Improved quality of the bright textures. 
  • Improved weather and sunlight visual effects. 
  • Improved soft shadows. 
  • Improved static shadow quality near the player. 
  • Improved Treasure guardian spawning on rough surfaces. 
  • Gameplay affecting customization settings now automatically applied to all champions the player possesses. It relates to cold weapons, tombstones, hex bags, ability, traps and rituals and spirit guardians. 

Other changes

  • Flare gun case and scrolls taken into the battle are restored if a player is revived. You don’t need to run to your death location to loot them. 
  • Itz Ocelotl will not be damaged by bonfires when in Spirit Walk. 
  • Hunter masks will display targets with intervals, not constantly. 
  • Changed the way the ultimate ability cooldown works for all champions but Louis Celine. Cooldown will start after the ability is over or interrupted. 
  • “Sun Eclipse” ritual balancing update: The ritual now ends without delay.   
  • Blizzard ritual time is decreased from 120 to 90 seconds. 
  • Ancient spirit of the time eater decreases ability and traps cooldowns 20% instead of 25%. 
  • If Jetpack fuel is depleted, new canister will be used automatically if you have it. 
  • We have switched on experimentary sound delay over distance to make the game more realistic - as we hear long range sounds not as fast as we see them with eyes in real life. 
  • If you receive critical damage, you can keep eating even if the health replenishment bar is at the top. 
  • Screenshots are now stored in png instead of tga.
  • Improved gamepad vibration. 
  • Improved damage indication.



  • Fixed large spread of mortar shots. 
  • Fixed bug when crosshair appeared when using mortar. 
  • Empty shells will not eject before the bolt is moved. 
  • Fixed rare bug allowing throwing grenade through a wall.
  • Molotov cocktails can not be thrown through the ground.
  • Crossbow is now accessible in practice mode after you find it in battle for the first time. 
  • The number of buckshots for the M30 luftwaffe drilling has been changed from 24 to 12.

Graphics and Interface

  • Map and daily tasks are now more contrasted in battle. 
  • Third person view is moved to improve view. 
  • Fixed targeting looted item. Now you can also aim through the weapon sight for looting. 
  • Fixed bug allowing weapon barrels to pass through a wall. 
  • Camera will not switch if a player comes near a wall and pushes a weapon into it. 
  • Fixed showing question mark instead of squad member status. 
  • Fixed wrong numbers of friend invites display. 
  • Cursor is always centered when opening the pie menu. 
  • Progress of all champions is now displayed correctly. 
  • Markers near the screen edge will not disappear when the camera approaches. 
  • Blood pools do not disappear on snow. 
  • Fix to bright reflections.
  • Fixed artefacts when using temporary resolution increase. 
  • Styles of the changelog headers are set.
  • Changelog text is now focused on the top part when the version tab is switched. 
  • Camera moves more evenly when using first person view. Fixed some jumping around.
  • Fixed bad texture quality in scopes. 
  • Fixed incorrect lightning during explosions. 
  • Fixed bug allowing looking through deforming landscape objects. 
  • Changing Water Ripple Quality does not require restart anymore. 

Other fixes

  • Fixed ability to loot items from afar using special abilities. 
  • For players with high ping, fixed a bug with delay when opening doors. 
  • Fixed delay when interacting with ladders. 
  • Fixed bug with wrong “game found” message. 
  • Fixed bug with wrong leader experience display if the leadership was transferred. 
  • Champions will not lose grip on the ladder if looking up. 
  • Fixed automatic defibrillator activation when looting it if an empty jetpack is equipped. 
  • Fixed possibility of Dark Zone centering in the air on Siberia map. 
  • Useful items will not be automatically highlighted for squad-mates when in invisibility. 
  • Map will not close if trying to set a mark while changing scale. 
  • Fixed rare game closure when inviting a friend to squad. 
  • Fixed rare game crash when using flash grenades. 
  • Fixed game hanging on some old graphic cards. 
  • Grenades of a killed player will not detonate immediately - but after appropriate detonator time. 
  • Joystick sprint from crawling/prone position will work correctly if set to movement stick. 
  • Xbox, Playstation: changed aim assist when switching a target - assist cooldown will be reset appropriate in different situations. 
  • Removed double display of game events when opening inventory.

The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. CRSED is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated.

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