New customization collection

22 July 2021

Any good update doesn’t come without a new style for your Champions. Take a seat as we present our seasonal collection of cool items. This time it’s particularly impressive!


Brutally mock your abuser one last time with a tombstone in the shape of an armed fighter, or demonstrate to those around you, your affluence by leaving exactly 1 barrel of fuel (explosive!) in place of a deceased champion.

"Explosive Barrel"
"Nordic stone"


We bet you haven't seen Annie like this! However, the new style and of Bokor will also dramatically transform familiar Champion.

"Movie Star"
"Voodoo Detective"



Masks and necklaces

The final touch in creating a unique image. And even in such little things, this season will impress the most sophisticated. It's better to see it once.

What is hidden

For those who reject embellishment and strive for minimalism, we certainly have a few pairs of fresh underwear. Also insanely stylish. 

Dress up in the coolest outfits and dominate your opponents in style as well as skill!

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