Rock it!

26 April 2021

The Rock Lady Katrina doesn't like to walk around in her Default outfit for long, so she brought along a lot of cool staff.

The cosmetics items chest with new items is available in the Store, and you may find there:

  • Cosplay suit
  • Harlequin suit
  • “Cthulhu” mask
  • Hockey mask
  • Kitsune mask
  • Gas mask
  • Boxer shorts: “Anime”, “Watermelons”, “Roll out!”, “Lemons”, “Pink king”, “Rock!”, “Heartbreaker”, “Tentacle”
  • Abstract underwear “Blue wave”
  • Camouflage underwear
  • “Papaya” underwear
  • “Tentacle” underwear
  • “Bizarre faces” underwear
  • “Bonjour” underwear
  • Red polka dot underwear
  • Blue gingham underwear
  • Sprays: “Waves”, “Heart Engine”, “Ritual Jump”, “Nordic compass”, “Firefly”, “Heart”, “Tea bag”, “Bokor`s Hat”.

Meet enemy squads in gorgeous Camouflage underwear and with a twinkle in your eye!