New Spirit Guardians and Customization Items

20 April 2021

A New Season and the “Rock Solid” Major update will be live in CRSED: F.O.A.D. tomorrow! What should one wear in the new season?

Spirit Guardians

In order to help you survive the battle, you will now get new spirit guardians to take. One will help you to surprise enemies unpleasantly in the Blizzard, while the second one will bring about ways to surprise.

Spirit of the Polar Explorer

This spirit guardian will come in handy to those who love to start the Blizzard ritual. It decreases the speed of freezing (up to 80%) and highlights all enemies on the map who are still comfortably warm.

Spirit of the Hamster

This little fellow increases base inventory volume (up to 50%), allowing you to carry more useful loot. The hamster will be especially useful in the beginning of a fight - when you still have no bag but find many items that are needed. This will please those who rely on carrying a good amount of food, grenades, or heavy PPSH drums!  

Clothes and other customization items

Itz Ocelotl will now be able to show off in the new “Stone man” outfit. Impress those who admire this look. Before you kill them, of course.

All other champions will get a number of new sunglasses, masks, underwear and sprays. time to dress for summer!

Other news and fixes will be disclosed tomorrow!

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