New Traps and Abilities

16 April 2021


The walking dead are not nearly as dangerous as this evil monster. It has no master and only one goal - to take your life.

The Reaper can be summoned by setting a trap or by using a Hex Bag. But do not expect him to serve you. As soon as he appears - everyone is in danger! The Reaper will swiftly attack anyone he spots, sucking the live force out of leaving creatures.

This creature is immensely powerful, it can fly through walls and obstacles, but can still be defeated. Use your strongest weapons to send the Reaper back to his dimension, or run as fast as you can! 

Flash ability

You see Valentine Chase dashing towards you, Clyde Mullican running in and Eric Torden descending on your position - all at once? Now you have the chance to take them all by surprise and win the fight!

This is the Flash ability, which allows you to stun and disorient anyone who dares fight  you in close combat.

It works similar to a flash grenade, blinding enemies - however when using the ability, you will be affected much less, so choose the perfect moment and seize the initiative!

New Traps


Hear the whistle of a flying rocket? Too late! As soon as it goes off your position is compromised. Even this simple firework can be used to get the upper hand and win the battle! Place this trap behind you - and no enemy will be able to sneak up on you unnoticed. 


The aforementioned creature of evil can be summoned by either using a Reaper Trap, or throwing a new Hex Bag. We recommend that you try both options and have one in your inventory during the fight.

New upcoming content for the update will be disclosed in the next devblog. Follow the news!

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