New weapons and items

14 April 2021

The CRSED's champions arsenal continues to grow. That means more kills to come! Take a look at what we have in store for the new season.

The Crossbow

Any Champion can be aware of every major skirmish with the echo of gunfire and grenade explosions and when you run out of ammunition, new enemies will follow the sound.

Well, how about a chance to kill quietly and from a distance?

The crossbow is a silent and powerful weapon, capable of single headshot kills on an enemy! It also has a built-in telescopic sight, which allows you to shoot efficiently at considerable distances. Your target also won't know where it's shot from, even if it misses.

Watch out, Legolas!


Campers in attics, in bunkers and behind doors, prepare for revenge! This device will spot players even behind a heavy layer of bricks.

The sonar is equipped in a slot like a cigar or a drip. It works in the following way: when the enemy appears within the scanning radius, the sonar emits low-frequency pulses, the frequency of which increases as you get closer to the detected target. So you already know that someone is inside the building. Plain and simple!

But be aware that the sound of the sonar can be heard by others and also reveals your location. The device needs courage and bravery.

Also in the update, you will discover new customization items for your favourite Champions.

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