F.A.R.T. Knight

1 April 2021

This April, you can be a builder of authentic architectural masterpieces and a tester of the most modern rocket engines. Pierce the clouds and build towers in the new mode for the most demanding audience - Field Approved Rocket Testing!

The Construction

We conducted a casual overview of CRSED a-like games. And the fact is that some players literally can't fight to the death without initially building a bunch of skyscrapers.

We will certainly add this mechanic in CRSED F.O.A.D. However, here, instead of the grotesque modernist buildings, you can create a real Leaning Tower of Pisa! Even taller than the actual one!

In your bag you'll find the stone and will be able to recreate one of the more famous monuments in architecture.

Our artists chat a lot with random passers-by who had been to Pisa. It helps them to reconstruct the tower with a slight tilt (it's better this way!).


No doubt some of our players' backsides are on fire because of the boring "skyscrapers". This part of the gaming experience in similar games is overlooked by developers. But we're used to being innovators!

The F.O.A.D. arena designers managed to turn these fires into jet thrust that will allow you to rocket to the top of the highest towers! Like a jetpack, only without the pack. Also, this is 100% environmental harm free.

Every time you eat anything, you simultaneously fill your "Bio-Jetpack". The human body’s capacity is limitless!

Extra fuel safely dumps out a special valve. Also, don't worry about running out of fuel in flight! All of your landings will be soft, the envy of Elon Musk.

Build Leaning Towers, fly and enjoy a redesigned last-man-standing shooter in F.A.R.T. Knight!

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