Blind your enemies and help yourself!

3 February 2021

We are beginning to discuss what’s new that will come in the next big update.


A new useful feature is personal first aid in case of serious injury - the defibrillator. Use this device to heal yourself!

The key thing is to do it before that fatal enemy shot. So don’t forget to crawl away from the firing line and… to collect your items after you have been healed. Weapons, items and your other belongings will remain in the same place where you resuscitated yourself. 

Search for it and use the wonders of electrical discharge! This wonderful device has only two disadvantages - it is disposable, and fills a slot that can be used for other helpful items, like knee pads or the cigar. Defibrillator - help yourself!

Stun grenades

What do you do if your enemy is entrenched in an ambush position and to storm them would be more like a suicide trip? The M84 stun grenade that stuns and blinds your enemy for a few seconds will help you in these circumstances.

It emits up to 180 dB of sound and up to 2 million candelas of light when triggered - like thunder and lightning in your pocket. 

Shock and awe your enemy with these stun grenades!

Appearing very soon, in the nearest big update!

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