CRSED - Cuisine Royale: Second Edition. Reincarnation

3 December 2020

The new season of our brutal last-man-standing shooter, “Reincarnation”, changes everything! With the full game reboot comes a new name. A competition awaits, full of bloodshed, promising the fulfillment of all of the winners’ desires. Cuisine Royale is over, and now, it’s time for Cuisine Royale Second Edition - CRSED: F.O.A.D.*

You already know about many of the new features coming to the game in the new season, including a great new map, flamethrowers and mortars, motorboats, the ability to shoot from vehicles, new weapons, radical changes to mystical powers, a new event system, daily challenges and secret missions with new ways to unlock and improve your champions, and rebalanced melee.

Now, two new champions join in on the battles in CRSED, so please welcome!

Louis “Bokor” Celine

Ability “Raise Dead”

During a battle, Louis can summon SMG welding zombies which will follow him and attack any enemy spotted along the way. The maximum amount of zombies that he can summon simultaneously totals three.

The zombies will stay with their master until they are killed or Louis dies. They can follow him anywhere, but are unable to travel in vehicles, so if your champion moves too fast, they will trail him at a walking-pace. If the houngan conducts a new summoning, all his existing zombies will heal and teleport to their master. 

Champion Biography

Louis Celine was born in Haiti to a family of police detectives. He was haunted with weird dreams since his early childhood, causing his religious mother to seek help by bringing him to many priests and exorcists. Later, his father secretly brought him to a voodoo temple, where the young boy found his destiny to become a houngan - a voodoo sorcerer. Resisting the call of Loa meant bringing doom upon the family, so young Bokor began training in voodoo rituals and practices. 

Years later, while searching for his mother who had disappeared while conducting an investigation, Louis had to fight Mambo Suisi, who turned abducted victims into voodoo-zombies in order to feed dark rituals and summon mighty spirits. To defeat Mambo and rescue multiple hostages, Louis had to call on the Loa for help, and they were quick to demand the repayment of that debt - the human souls of those who were saved. Not wishing to harm innocent civilians, Louis agreed to participate in Loa-sponsored ritual survival fights and entered the FOAD arena.

Sin "Huli" Yeou-bi

Ability “Swarm of Light”

In battle, Yeou-bi can summon a swarm of fireflies which will spread throughout the area in search of enemies. Any enemy which they spot is quickly stuck by the insects, being revealed to others. Those who love ambushes and attic camping, as well as covert maneuvers in the bushes, are going to be unpleasantly surprised.

Champion Biography

No one knows the exact date and birthplace of Yeou-bi. She was adopted by a pair of scientists living in Danyang. As a girl, she was not very talkative around other kids, but dogs understood her mood, butterflies rested on her palms, and fireflies surrounded her as she walked. Any kids with which she quarreled were often stung by wasps and hornets. 

Two years following her adoption, Yeou-bi was kidnapped by a terrorist cell known as “Yato” and was forced to train as a combatant, controlling insects for target seeking purposes. 

Only after ten long years in captivity did she manage to escape, and while fleeing from her pursuers, came across the organisers of ritual survival fights who offered her shelter and the possibility to save her still captive friend if she were to win.

Heavy sniper rifle

Apart from the other new guns we talked about on previous occasions, snipers now have a new toy to add to their collection: a famous, heavy, semi-auto sniper rifle. Its powerful ammo is inferior only to anti-materiel guns, however superior in terms of its recoil, 10-round magazine, and integrated 10x scope.

You can obtain this beauty of a sniper rifle from an orbital supply drop, so be sure to stock up on those flare guns!

Swimming offroad vehicle

A new car, capable of travelling on water, has made its way into the game. It was built as a hybrid motor boat and all-purpose military car. Good at speeding on rough terrain, and quite stable on water, allowing a decent amount of speed while travelling thereon. It is, however, still far slower when compared to regular motor boats, but this vehicle can prove versalite in many ways to skilled fighters.

New Dark Zone

Zone is also slower to shrink in the beginning of a battle, but will shrink more often towards the end. Naturally, it is still lethal.

New healing process

Changes have been made to the healing process. Now, you do not recover immediately after consuming canned food or other food items, but will regenerate over time thereafter.

New Leagues Season

Leagues Season starts anew with the game season change. Formula to calculate rating is changed: now you get rating points even after you score four average kills per battle. Each average kill before the four-kill mark will get 300 points, beyond it - 100 points. Maximum rating per battle lowered from 600 to 300.

Good luck out there, and enrapture the dark gods by your arena victories!

* F.O.A.D. — Fulfillment Of All Desire — - name of the competition of champions, though some tend to transcribe that abbreviation differently.

Full change log

New location “Island Siberia”

New weapons

  • Nagant mod. 1895
  • PPS-42
  • MP 38
  • PTRD-41
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • Barrett M82A1
  • ROKS 2 flamethrower

All new weapons have been added to Practice mode. 


  • Added Hex Bags:
    • High Recoil — curses everyone within a 5 meter radius, increasing the recoil of any weapon fired 3 times. 
    • Weakness — curses everyone within a 5 meter radius, lowering their maximum health 40%. 
    • Swamp — curses everyone within a 5 meter radius, lowering speed of movement by 35%.
    • Swarm — summons a swarm of angry insects that attack everyone within a 5 meter radius, obstructing vision. 
    • Zombie — raises one zombie, who attacks any nearby target. 
    • Black hole — pulls everyone within a 10 meter radius to the bag hit spot. 
    • Silence — stops any active champion abilities within a 5 meter radius and prevents them using abilities for 15 seconds. 
    • Repulsion  — pushes everyone aside within a 7 meter radius. 

In order to create Hex Bags, one needs to equip a recipe before battle and collect empty bags from loot. Empty bags converted into Hex Bags on bonfires. 

  • Added 6 types of Spirit Guardians. Each Spirit Guardian adds passive abilities in battle. 
  • Added Battle Pass. After acquiring it you will get more rewards for completed challenges, such as but not limited to: champion outfits, mystical rituals, traps and signs, summoning stones for new champions and other items. 
  • Battle Pass will replace Story Book and will be given to all players that had an active story book at the time of the update. 
  • Changed the process of healing. Now health regenerates over time after food is consumed.
  • Added new combat abilities for champions.
  • Switching weapons to pistols is now faster than switching to any other weapon. 
  • All players now have a basic tombstone with 50% soul keeping ability. 
  • All tombstones from the Italian season now save souls. 
  • Cactus tombstone now saves more souls. 
  • Changed food weight. Now it is closer to real prototypes. 
  • Weapons and armor equipped by champions now have weight and affect maximum speed as with inventory items. 
  • Maximum carry weight has been increased. 
  • Added auto opening doors in front of a running champion. 
  • Lowered speed of movement when in targeting mode. 
  • Now the Dark Zone will shrink more slowly in the beginning of a battle and shrink more quickly towards the end of a battle. Damage from the Zone has been lowered a bit and the Nimbus will give 60% reduction only. 


  • All maps have had motor boats added.
  • Added a new military amphibian off-road vehicle. A vehicle that was swimming previously now does not swim. 
  • Added ability to shoot from vehicles. 
  • Now you can switch weapons while in a vehicle. 
  • Added ability to push vehicles. 
  • Improved vehicle chassis performance. Now vehicles drive more naturally. 
  • Added the ability to switch to manual gear control for vehicles. 
  • Added manual parking brake for vehicles. 
  • Added “Ghost Jetpack” ritual - it adds a jetpack to all players in battle for 60 seconds. 
  • Now you can find spare fuel for the Jetpack JP01 in the loot.
  • You can not control flight anymore if a Jetpack runs out of fuel. 
  • Added “soft landing” function for Jetpack - it will switch on automatically in short bursts if the player falls from height to avoid fall damage.

New Challenges

  • Player Hunt - the player gets a task to kill other players in a battle and has a mark to target their whereabouts. The target gets a task to survive for a fixed amount of time. The hunter gets a reward only if they kill the target personally or the target suicides. 
  • Voodoo doll delivery - a number of players get a task to find and burn a voodoo doll on the bonfire. There is only one voodoo doll on the map and a marker to it. Only one player wins this challenge. 
  • Quarrel site - a number of players get a task to score a kill in a specific region with a specific weapon. 
  • Mechanic - there is a special vehicle marked on the map. It is more powerful than other vehicles, but requires fixing first. To fix it, the player with the task needs to collect five repair sets close to the vehicle.
  • Treasure - a number of players see a number of possible treasure sites. One of which has good loot to be dug out. The player who finds it gets the loot and wins the challenge. 
  • Deliver a vehicle - bring a vehicle to a specific region. Other players also see it on the map, so beware of ambushes. 
  • Zombie cleansing - you must kill all zombies swarming in a specific region.


  • Added a new window to select game modes.
  • Added a new window to select a character to play. 
  • Added new graphics and background to the menu. 
  • Added the ability to rotate a champion in the customization menu. 
  • Timer added in battle to show when a trap can be used again. 
  • Added a highlight about the new game mode for players who have not tried it yet. 
  • Added a window to receive a reward for the first battle. 
  • Added button to link account to Twitch in menu. 
  • Added HUD for driver with vehicle speed display, RPM and gear info. 
  • Added boat icons to see on the map with Spirit of a horse Spirit Guardian. 
  • Fixed scope value analysis. They are not always highlighted as useful items. 
  • Now you will see a red indicator if you drive a drowning vehicle. 


  • Added NVIDIA DLSS 2.1. support.
  • Effect rendering optimised.
  • Improved reflections and antialiasing on medium settings. 
  • Global Illumination can now not be switched off, but can be set up in quality. 
  • Improved lightning in night vision scope. 
  • Increased performance when rendering mist, indoor reflections and Ambient occlusion (AO).
  • New skies (Dagor Engine 6.0)
  • Added setting for sky rendering quality.


  • Added new ambient sounds.
  • Added sounds of crashing into fridges.
  • Added sound warning about low fuel for Jetpack. 
  • Fixed sound volume change for some dynamic ambient sounds. 
  • Sounds from sources beyond hearing distance optimised for better performance management.
  • Fixed sounds of vehicle crashes. 
  • Changes to sound effects depending on height. 
  • Now you can hear the sound of being wounded and your friends being wounded. 
  • Fixed missing bullet passing sounds if inside a vehicle. 
  • Fixed some missing sounds for running zombies. 
  • Using items sounds optimised for better performance and lower consumption of traffic. 

Changes in Armor, Weapons and Abilities

  • Added new armor pieces of T3 level to protect shoulders, legs and back. 
  • Other shoulder, leg and back protection items are now T1 level. 
  • Uberpan is now replaced with Pan of Perseus. 
  • Pan swing time increased by 20%.
  • Now the pan lowers the incoming projectile damage but does not deflect it. 
  • Most melee weapons now destroy tombstones faster. 
  • Changed stationary machine gun overheating model. Now it will cool itself faster if not overheated to maximum. 
  • Change volume and weight of magazines:
    • MG 42 — was weight 1, volume 0.3, now weight 2.5, volume 1.
  • PTRS-41 rate of fire lowered to 4 per second.
  • Change fall damage. If falling from small heights - champion now gets no damage, but changes posture. 
  • If falling from high heights - the champion will now get more damage.
  • Improved Clyde’s night vision when in Beast mode. 

Fixes and Improvements

  • Added burning visual effect if champion gets damage from fire. 
  • Champions in a boat affect the centre of mass and inertia. 
  • Improved ladder climbing. Now the forward button makes the champion go upwards and back button - downwards. 
  • Killing with a Molotov cocktail is now counted as a grenade kill. 
  • If a player finds any headwear and equips it - it replaces outfit headwear. 
  • Fixed reward double window when rewarding leagues. 
  • Fixed some rare cases of video driver crashes. 
  • Fixed case when the game start button might be inactive. 
  • Fixed client crash when buying gold crowns. 
  • Fixed some game crashes when inviting to a squad. 
  • Fixed some rare cases of champion getting stuck when climbing obstacles. 
  • Fixed some champion shaking when colliding with doors. 
  • Fixed camera movement when striking with buttstock in melee if scope is mounted. 
  • Fixed some unnatural hand stretching on ladders.
  • Fixed snow brightness in mist. 
  • Fixed some vehicles spawning submerged in the ground. 
  • Fixed some extra brightness on PlayStation. 
  • Fixed some effects rendering when looking from underwater. 
  • Fixed mist in night scope vision. 
  • Fixed effect of cars burning underwater. 
  • Fixed hot air effect when looking through scopes. 
  • Fixed ability to look inside walls with night scope. 
  • Fixed bug of double damage from fall. 
  • Fixed bug with status update for team mate leaving session. 
  • Added air streams effect when driving. 
  • Fixed some artifacts when changing graphics settings on PS4. 
  • Now the interface is displayed correctly when going into spectator mode. 
  • Shadows under destroyed objects are now removed. 
  • Camera now follows the driving trajectory. 
  • Third person view camera behavior improved. 
  • Killer silhouette is now correctly displayed. 
  • Night hunter ability does not find Ocelotl in Spirit Walk. 
  • When traps "Camouflage bush", "Empty regular fridge" and "Reinforced shield" are set via scrolls, there is no sign drawn under them.
  • Fixed some cases of being stuck when exiting a vehicle. 
  • After fall from height you will now crouch or fall flat on the ground. 
  • Fixed some bright reflections. 
  • If a new scope is collected, it replaces the currently equipped one. The old one is placed in inventory if there is enough space. 
  • When one gets into a vehicle, the camera moves out to allow a better driving view. 
  • Link portal can now be set on more surfaces.
  • If a second link portal is placed, all players standing on the first one will teleport immediately. 
  • Object destruction now affects the Global Illumination scene.
  • First-person viewing angles have been extended for the Metropolitana and M40 combat vehicles.
  • Doubled doors and windows can now be opened with one click.
  • The displaying of the Dark Zone on the map is now based on the altitude of the player. 
  • By default, high antialiasing settings will now be used.
  • While observing teammates, objects will be highlighted not only for them but for you also.  
  • Scrolls will be dropped on the ground if you are killed. At the same time only the owner can pick them. 
  • A bug which allowed you to use jetpack while sitting in a vehicle has been fixed.
  • Now you can replace your jetpack with one lying on the ground if it has more fuel.
  • The convergence point of the Zone has become more unpredictable.
  • A bug with mistakenly increased damage in melee in some cases, has been fixed.
  • Weapon reloading during active abilities of Clyde, Itz Ocelotl and Eric 'Torden' Thorsson is no longer possible. 
  • Camera zooming with melee weapons is no longer available.
  • The sky animation on the loading screen of the game session has been removed.
  • The process of overcoming obstacles has been improved, including crawling through small windows.
  • Toilet teleports have been improved. Now they are guaranteed to be locked in a large chain, so allowing you to visit all of them.
  • Striking Flashlight has been removed from in-game items.
  • Heal button now used to extinguish fire.
  • Reload animation has been improved for the following weapons: Browning auto 5, DP-27, M1 Carbine, M1A1 Carbine, MG 42, Panzerschreck, Browning M1918, Ithaca 37, M1917 Enfield and Mosin Infantry.
  • Reload animation has been improved, alternative reload animation has been added for the following weapons: FG 42, PPD-40, PPSh, PPS-42, МР 40, МР 35, МР 18, M50 Reising and M30 Luftwaffe drilling.
  • Alternative reload animation has been added for the following weapons: Beretta M38, AVS 36 and SVT 40.
  • A bug where the changing of the game mode was available not for the squad leader has been fixed.
  • A bug where the game session wasn’t ending in case of player’s reconnect has been fixed.

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