New Melee

1 December 2020

There are just a few days left until the largest update in the history of the game  plus a new season. We have already told you about a new map, new mystical powers, the ability to shoot from vehicles, new types of weapons like flamethrowers and mortars

But the shooting experience is not the only thing to have improved. Changes are due to melee as well. 

First of all, the much familiar uber-pan will rest in the past, giving way to the new Pan of Perseus. It deals large amounts of damage, but is still not guaranteed to one-hit kill an opponent if they come wearing some good armor. Unlike all other cold weapons, it adds some decent protection against incoming projectiles. But you can no longer walk in the open swinging away anti-materiel and sniper shots. 

Overall, all melee weapons will now get individual settings for damage, speed of the swing, hit distance and efficiency against armor. 

You can see the table of the new specs in the upcoming update below. We are not leaving out the possibility of changing or tuning them in the future, as well as adding new ones.

You will find out any remaining new info on the update and season change in the next devblog. Stay tuned!


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